1980CrocodilesEcho and the Bunnymen411
1981Heaven Up HereEcho and the Bunnymen4.3510
1983PorcupineEcho & the Bunnymen410
1984Ocean RainEcho & the Bunnymen410
1987Echo & the BunnymenEcho & the Bunnymen2.658
1990ReverberationEcho & the Bunnymen36
1997EvergreenEcho & the Bunnymen47
1999What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?Echo & the Bunnymen34
2001FlowersEcho and the Bunnymen25
2005SiberiaEcho and the Bunnymen35
2009The FountainEcho & the Bunnymen43
2014MeteoritesEcho and the Bunnymen5
2018The Stars, the Oceans & the MoonEcho & the Bunnymen2

Album + Compilation

1985Songs to Learn & SingEcho & the Bunnymen49
1993The CutterEcho & the Bunnymen1
1997Ballyhoo: The Best OfEcho & the Bunnymen36
2001Crystal Days 1979–1999Echo & the Bunnymen43
2005Seven Seas: The Platinum CollectionEcho & the Bunnymen1
2006The Very Best Of: More Songs to Learn and SingEcho & the Bunnymen33
2007B-Sides & Live (2001–2005)Echo and the Bunnymen1
2007Killing Moon: The Best of Echo and the BunnymenEcho and the Bunnymen41
2007The Best of Echo & the BunnymenEcho & the Bunnymen1
2008The Works - A 3 CD RetrospectiveEcho & the Bunnymen41
2009Original Album Series (Crocodiles / Heaven Up Here / Porcupine / Ocean Rain / Echo & The Bunnymen)Echo & the Bunnymen1
2011Do It CleanEcho & the Bunnymen31
2015Do It Clean: An Anthology 1979–1987Echo & the Bunnymen1
2017The Killing Moon: The Singles 1980–1990Echo & the Bunnymen1

Album + Compilation + Live

2017It’s All Live NowEcho & the Bunnymen1

Album + Live

1991BBC Radio 1 Live in ConcertEcho and the Bunnymen1
2002Live in Liverpool (2001-08-17)Echo and the Bunnymen1
2006Me, I’m All SmilesEcho & the Bunnymen1
2006Never Stop: Live in LiverpoolEcho & the Bunnymen1
2006Breaking the Back of LoveEcho & the Bunnymen1
2009Live at the Royal Albert HallEcho & the Bunnymen1
2014Live in LondonEcho & the Bunnymen1
2016Nothing Lasts ForeverEcho & the Bunnymen1
2017Greatest Hits Live in LondonEcho & the Bunnymen2
2019The John Peel Sessions 1979–1983Echo & the Bunnymen2


1979The Pictures on My WallEcho and the Bunnymen54
1980RescueEcho and the Bunnymen1
1980The PuppetEcho and the Bunnymen1
1981A PromiseEcho and the Bunnymen2
1982The Back of LoveEcho and the Bunnymen1
1983The CutterEcho & the Bunnymen51
1983Never StopEcho & the Bunnymen42
1983The Killing MoonEcho & the Bunnymen45
1984SilverEcho & the Bunnymen1
1984Seven SeasEcho & the Bunnymen52
1985Bring On the Dancing HorsesEcho & the Bunnymen44
1987The GameEcho & the Bunnymen1
1987Lips Like SugarEcho & the Bunnymen2
1987People Are StrangeEcho & the Bunnymen43
1988Bedbugs & BallyhooEcho & the Bunnymen2
1990Enlighten MeEcho & the Bunnymen3
1991Inside Me Inside YouEcho & the Bunnymen1
1991Prove Me WrongEcho & the Bunnymen1
1997Nothing Lasts ForeverEcho & the Bunnymen4
1997Don’t Let It Get You DownEcho & the Bunnymen2
1997I Want to Be There When You ComeEcho & the Bunnymen42
1999RustEcho & the Bunnymen2
2001It’s AlrightEcho and the Bunnymen2
2005Stormy WeatherEcho and the Bunnymen1
2005In the MarginsEcho and the Bunnymen1
2006Scissors in the SandEcho and the Bunnymen1
2009Think I Need It TooEcho & the Bunnymen1
2018The Killing Moon (Symphonic version)Echo & the Bunnymen1


1984Echo and the BunnymenEcho and the Bunnymen1
1998World Tour E.P.Echo & the Bunnymen2
2000AvalancheEcho & the Bunnymen2

EP + Compilation

1988New Live and RareEcho & the Bunnymen31

EP + Live

1981Shine So HardEcho and the Bunnymen1
1988The Peel SessionsEcho and the Bunnymen1

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