Ed Helms (actor (The Hangover, The Office))

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original member of:The Lonesome Trio (Ed Helms' Bluegrass band) (lead vocals, background vocals, banjo, piano, guitar)
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All Gone to Hellguitar and pianoThe Lonesome Trio4:53
Appalachia ApologiaguitarThe Lonesome Trio3:12
Asheville City SkylineguitarThe Lonesome Trio2:41
Asheville City SkylinebanjoThe Lonesome Trio2:41
Asheville City SkylinepianoThe Lonesome Trio2:41
Asheville City SkylineaccordionThe Lonesome Trio2:41
Asheville City SkylineorganThe Lonesome Trio2:41
But TomorrowguitarThe Lonesome Trio2:06
Kerhonkson BluesharmonicaThe Lonesome Trio2:20
Mr. FortuneguitarThe Lonesome Trio3:53
Pigeon's FootguitarThe Lonesome Trio2:30
Pigeon's FootbanjoThe Lonesome Trio2:30
Rising Tide of Lovebanjo, electric guitar [Les Paul], organ and trumpetThe Lonesome Trio3:50
River in the GutterguitarThe Lonesome Trio3:43
The House Song (Sung by the House)guitarThe Lonesome Trio4:26
Whiskey Drinkbanjo, guitar and pianoThe Lonesome Trio3:30
HallelujahKevin Hart & Thomas Middleditch & Ed Helms0:39
All Gone to Helllead vocalsThe Lonesome Trio4:53
Appalachia Apologiabackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio3:12
Asheville City Skylinelead vocalsThe Lonesome Trio2:41
But Tomorrowbackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio2:06
High Road Low Lifebackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio2:57
In The Facespoken vocalsChristophe Beck1:33
Joyridespoken vocalsChristophe Beck2:32
Kerhonkson Bluesbackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio2:20
Mr. Fortunelead vocalsThe Lonesome Trio3:53
Pigeon's Footbackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio2:30
Rising Tide of Lovebackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio3:50
River in the Gutterbackground vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio3:43
Stupid Tigerspoken vocalsChristophe Beck1:40
The House Song (Sung by the House)background vocals [harmonies]The Lonesome Trio4:26
Whiskey Drinklead vocalsThe Lonesome Trio3:30
Stu’s Song
All Gone to Hell
Asheville City Skyline
But Tomorrow
Mr. Fortune
Stu’s Song
Whiskey Drink