Name ISRCs Rating Length
Anachoret's Orisons... and Awakening of Newborn Light 7:58
Arcane Grail 5:00
Autumn Wed Us, Sinned and Lone 6:24
Bewitched Wolves 6:07
Cemetery of the Lost Souls 3:48
Die Sonnehymne 1:35
Foreword 0:48
Frightful Night of Revenge 9:09
Ghostly Retinue 3:36
Imprisoned in the Greatest War 2:59
Iniquitous Yoke 3:43
Lapped in Moonless Centuries 6:49
Of Snake and Raven 3:48
Renaissant the Reverie 6:09
Sorrow of Forgotten Pride 4:24
Summon the Fiend 4:37
Summon the Fiend (Russian version) 4:35
Tragic Love 9:22
Святой Грааль 5:05

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