Growling Mad Scientists (often known as GMS; psytrance)

~ Group


collaborator on: Electric Scientists
Growling Mad Synchro
Meathead Productions
members: Josef Quinteros
Sajahan Natkin
founded: Spun Records (psytrance)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Outer Limits Various Artists
2007-05-17 Mort Aux Vaches electronic instruments and guitar Yellow Swans
Going Places electronic instruments and guitar Yellow Swans
Chemical Warfare (feat. GMS & Bansi) Father & Son 7:55
Deathe Killer Infected Mushroom feat. Growling Mad Scientists 8:22
Finger (Rmx) GMS Younger Brother ?:??
Harlem Trance (feat. GMS & Bansi) Father & Son 7:30
High Vibe (live version) additional Talamasca feat. GMS 6:55
Karma Police (feat. GMS & Riktam) Father & Son 7:38
Psycho Chief (feat. GMS & Riktam) Father & Son 8:00
Reflection (feat. GMS, Riktam & Bansi) Father & Son 8:10
Touch Down guest Michele Adamson feat. GMS 6:13
3rd Dimension (G.M.S. remix) Void 7:17
Bionic Bong (GMS remix) Psysex 7:21
Buttersonic (GMS remix) Sub6 6:04
Come On! (GMS Remix) Talamasca 6:10
Conflict (GMS Remix) Green Nuns of the Revolution 8:03
Cookie Stealer (GMS remix) Sesto Sento 6:16
Dakota [G.M.S. Remix] Juno Reactor 7:05
Dreamcatcher (GMS Remix) Shpongle & Gunslinger 6:10
Eye To Eye (GMS 2010 remix) Astrix 7:07
Eye to Eye (GMS remix) Astrix 6:39
Eye to Eye (GMS remix) Astrix 6:37
Father & Son (GMS remix) Father & Son 8:20
Floor Essence (GMS Remix) Man With No Name 4:27
Friagram (Growling Mad Scientists' remix) Psychopod 8:42
FROZEN BUG ’93 (GMS REMIX) hide 5:50
Gamma Goblins (GMS remix) Hallucinogen 6:57
Gamma Goblins (GMS remix) Growling Mad Scientists 7:24
Gamma Goblins (Rmx) GMS Hallucinogen ?:??
Implant (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Eat Static 7:21
Kali (GMS Remix) Astrix ?:??
Kundalini (GMS remix) Growling Mad Scientists 7:45
Liquid Skies (GMS remix) (part of a “White Label Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Deedrah 4:38
Liquid Skies (GMS remix) Deedrah 6:14
Midnight Sun (Gms remix) Alien Project ?:??
Midnight Sun (GMS remix) Alien Project vs. Astrix 3:12
Midnight Sun (GMS remix) Alien Project 7:06
Midnight Sun (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Alien Project 7:04
Music in U (G.M.S. remix) Wrecked Machines 7:37
Mutation (GMS vs. Talamasca) Talamasca 8:06
Northern Lights (GMS remix) Oforia 7:57
On the Rox (GMS remix) Bio-Tonic 7:50
POSE (GMS REMIX) hide 5:59
Prime Time (GMS remix) Ace Ventura & Symbolic 7:09
Radio Active (GMS Remix) Vertical Mode 7:18
Red fraction (G.M.S. remix) MELL 6:03
Reload (GMS remix) Deedrah 7:02
Reload (GMS remix) Deedrah 7:01
ReLoad (GMS remix) Deedrah 7:02
Space Jam (GMS remix) Alien vs. The Cat 6:48
Speaking Robot (GMS remix) Talamasca 1:02
Speaking Robot (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Talamasca 8:17
Speaking Robot (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Talamasca 7:12
Switchback (G.M.S. Remix) Celldweller 7:52
Techno Widows (GMS remix) Astrix 5:55
Techno Widows (GMS remix) Astrix 7:20
The Finger (GMS remix) Younger Brother 6:01
The Inner Visions (GMS remix) Shanti Matkin 8:21
Under the Influence (G.M.S. remix) Soundfarmer 6:11
Zombi (GMS remix) Juno Reactor 6:53