Dawn Upshaw

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Trois mélodies de 1916: Le Chapelier Dawn Upshaw, Jérôme Ducros 1:12
Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé : I. Soupir Dawn Upshaw 3:49
Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé : II. Placet futile Dawn Upshaw 4:34
Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé : III. Surgi de la croupe et du bond Dawn Upshaw 3:06
Trouble in Tahiti: What a Movie Dawn Upshaw 5:04
Two Poems of Konstantin Bal'mont: I. The Flower Dawn Upshaw 1:11
Two Poems of Konstantin Bal'mont: II. The Dove Dawn Upshaw 1:32
Tyrranic Love, or The Royal Martyr: Act IV "Ah! How Sweet It Is to Love" Dawn Upshaw 2:52
Vasnier Songbook: I. Pantomime Dawn Upshaw 2:16
Vasnier Songbook: II. Calmes dans le demi-jour Dawn Upshaw 3:01
Vasnier Songbook: III. Mandoline Dawn Upshaw 1:31
Vasnier Songbook: IV. Clair De Lune Dawn Upshaw 2:52
Vasnier Songbook: IX. Paysage sentimental Dawn Upshaw 3:03
Vasnier Songbook: V. Fantoches Dawn Upshaw 1:36
Vasnier Songbook: VI. Coquetterie posthume Dawn Upshaw 3:31
Vasnier Songbook: VII. Romance - Silence ineffable Dawn Upshaw 2:35
Vasnier Songbook: VIII. Musique Dawn Upshaw 1:53
Vasnier Songbook: X. Romance - Voici que le printemps Dawn Upshaw 2:22
Vasnier Songbook: XI. La Romance d'Ariel Dawn Upshaw 4:26
Vasnier Songbook: XII. Regret Dawn Upshaw 2:38
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains Dawn Upshaw 2:22
What a Curse for a Woman is a Timid Man from The Old Maid and the Thief Dawn Upshaw, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, David Zinman 4:19
What a Movie Dawn Upshaw 5:07
What More Do I Need? Dawn Upshaw 3:04
Where Grief Slumbers: I. Listen to It Rain Dawn Upshaw 2:18
Where Grief Slumbers: II. From Drunken Boat Dawn Upshaw 2:37
Where Grief Slumbers: III. It's Raining Dawn Upshaw 1:59
Where Grief Slumbers: IV. Ophelia Dawn Upshaw 5:07
Where Grief Slumbers: V. The Farewell Dawn Upshaw 1:05
Where Grief Slumbers: VI. The Departure Dawn Upshaw 1:04
Where Grief Slumbers: VII. The Girl With Orange Lips Dawn Upshaw 1:52
White Moon Dawn Upshaw 2:11
Why Can't I? Dawn Upshaw 3:52
Wild Swans Dawn Upshaw, Todd Ellison 2:30
Willow Song Dawn Upshaw 3:45
You're Nearer Dawn Upshaw 3:01

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