Vic "Vikki" Foxx (US hard rock drummer)

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member of:The Veronicas (drums (drum set))
Enuff Z’Nuff (from 1988 until 1993: drums (drum set), guitar [rhythm guitar])
Warrant (US hair metal band) (from 1997 until 1998: drums (drum set))
supporting drums (drum set) for:Dokken
Vince Neil
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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
Baby Loves YouVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:07
Black RainVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:48
Blue IslandVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:45
Bring It On HomeVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:55
Can’t Change MeVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:41
Can’t Have Your CakeVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil3:57
Fine, Fine WineVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:12
Finger on the Triggerdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:45
FingertipsVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:50
Fly High Michelledrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:16
For Nowdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:29
ForeverVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil5:12
Gettin’ HardVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:38
GoodbyeVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:26
Heaven or HellVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:45
Hide Your Love Away (live on the Howard Stern Show)drums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff?:??
Holly Wood YaVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:06
Hot Little Summer Girldrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff2:57
I Could Never Be Without Youdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:43
In CrowdVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:08
In the Groovedrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff6:48
InnocenceVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:46
Kiss the Clowndrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:13
KittyVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:38
Let It Godrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:56
Little Indian Angeldrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:28
Living Is a LuxuryVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil5:40
Long Way to GoVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff1:53
Look in Her EyesVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil5:51
Mary Anne Lost Her BabyVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:04
Master of PainVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:25
Missing YouVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff5:10
Mother’s EyesVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:37
New Thingdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:20
One Step Closer to YouVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:38
Right by Your SideVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:25
Rock n WorldVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:21
Set Me FreeVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:04
She Wants Moredrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:39
Sister of PainVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil5:02
Something for FreeVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff5:31
StrengthVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff5:02
Styledrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:02
SuperstitiousVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:10
Takin’ a RideVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff4:11
The EdgeVik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:54
The Love TrainVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:47
The Way Home/Coming HomeVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff5:36
The World Is a GutterVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:52
These DazeVic Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff3:52
Time to Let You GoVikki Foxxdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff2:56
You’re Invited (but Your Friend Can’t Come)Vik Foxxdrums (drum set)Vince Neil4:23
Carved in StonemembranophoneVince Neil
Clowns Loungeadditional and drums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’Nuff (Club Edition)membranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Enuff Z’NuffmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
ExposedmembranophoneVince Neil
Strengthdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff
StrengthmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Strengthdrums (drum set)Enuff Z’Nuff
StrengthmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
StrengthmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
StrengthmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
StrengthmembranophoneEnuff Z’Nuff
Good Luv
Rockabye Dreamland