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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Set By Example Twiztid 3:02
Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder (version 2) Twiztid feat. Boondox & Violent J 5:00
Sex, Drugs, Money and Murder(Feat. The Dayton Family) Twiztid 5:06
She Ain't Afraid Twiztid 6:02
She Ain't Afraid Twiztid 5:57
She Ain't Afraid Twiztid 6:02
She Ain't Afraid Twiztid 5:57
She Said (remix) Twiztid 3:06
Shittalkaz Blaze Ya Dead Homie with ICP & Twiztid 3:37
Shock & Awe Twiztid 3:34
Sick Man Twiztid feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie 4:01
Smoke Break Twiztid 0:36
Smoke Break Twiztid 0:22
Smoke Break Twiztid 0:21
Smoke the Pain Away Potluck feat. Twiztid 5:06
So Addictive (original version) Twiztid 2:48
So High Twiztid 5:21
So High Twiztid 4:08
Somebody Dissin U Twiztid 3:33
Somebody Dissin U Twiztid 3:29
Somebody's Dissin' U (feat. Blaze) Twiztid 4:49
Something Weird Twiztid 4:26
Speculationz Twiztid with E-40 4:33
Speculationz (feat. E-40) Twiztid 4:27
Spiderwebs Twiztid 4:11
Spin the Bottle Twiztid with ICP 4:14
Stardust Twiztid 3:57
Stardust Twiztid 3:55
Starve Your Fear Twiztid 3:01
Starve Your Fear Twiztid 3:20
Static Twiztid 3:55
Story of Our Lives Twiztid 4:57
Sum Head Hoe Twiztid 3:38
Superstar Twiztid 3:57
Sweet Tooth Twiztid 4:43
Take It Away Twiztid 4:19
That's Why They All Hate Us More Than You'll Ever Know! Twiztid 6:14
That's Wicked Twiztid 2:54
That's Wicked Twiztid 2:54
The Argument Twiztid 3:19
The Best Time of the Year Twiztid ?:??
The Deep End Twiztid feat. Dominic & Caskey 5:33
The Exorcism Twiztid 1:02
The Great Cornucopia (feat. Big Stank & Lil' Poot) Twiztid 0:03
The Green Book Twiztid 0:52
The Green Book Sampler Twiztid 5:35
The Most Expensive Time of the Year (feat. Bambino Boys) Twiztid 2:31
The Sickness Twiztid feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie 4:25
The Transformation of a New Civilization Twiztid 2:48
The Truth Will Set You Free Twiztid 3:47
The Truth Will Set You Free Twiztid 4:04
The World Twiztid 3:31
The World Is Hell Twiztid with Esham 3:53
They Told Me Twiztid 3:02
They Told Me Twiztid 3:01
This Bitch Twiztid feat. Insane Clown Posse US2X61101210 3:12
This Is Your Anthem Twiztid 3:51
This Is Your Anthem Twiztid ?:??
Thriple Threat Twiztid 3:12
Through Your Eyez Twiztid 4:10
Toxic Terror Twiztid 1:45
Transformation of a New Civilization Twiztid 3:04
Trash Witro (remix) Twiztid 1:30
Triple Threat Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie 3:26
Triple Threat (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) Twiztid 3:42
Twiztid Twiztid 0:47
Twiztid (Intro 2) Twiztid 1:03
Twiztid (intro) Twiztid 0:48
U Dont Wanna B Like Me Twiztid 2:57
Unable to Cry for Help or to Escape From a Seemingly Impending Evil Twiztid ?:??
Unable To Cry For Help or To Escape From A Seemingly Impending Evil Twiztid 2:42
Unjust Love Twiztid feat. Mickey Avalon & Danny Boone 4:10
Unrational Twiztid 3:34
Unstoppable Twiztid 4:32
Unstoppable Twiztid ?:??
Vintage Interview With Monoxide Twiztid 6:53
W.I.C.K.E.D. Twiztid 2:32
W.I.C.K.E.D. Twiztid 2:32
Wait 'til Halloween Twiztid ?:??
Waited Till Halloween Twiztid ?:??
Waiting on Christmas Gifts (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Insane Clown Posse & Syn) Twiztid 3:17
Wake Me Up Twiztid 1:17
Wake Up Twiztid 4:20
Wake Up (feat. ABK & R.O.C.) Twiztid 4:22
Wannabe Krizz Kaliko feat. Twiztid 5:50
Wasted Twiztid feat. Ajax, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Buckshot, Jahred, Jellyroll, Lil' Wyte, Johnny Richter & Liquid Assassin 9:48
Wasted Pt. 2 Twiztid feat. Chris Webby, Da Mafia 6ix, Kung Fu Vampire, R.A. the Rugged Man & Whitney Peyton 8:40
Watch Out Kottonmouth Kings feat. Twiztid 3:51
We Don't Die Twiztid 3:09
We Don't Die (MadHatter's Rollin' and Ridin' mix) Twiztid ?:??
We Don't Die (Non-Rock version) Twiztid 3:16
We Don't Die (Non-Rock Version) Twiztid 3:16
Weak Shit'z Out (feat. Hed P.E.) Twiztid 3:27
Welcome Twiztid 0:42
Welcome Home Twiztid 3:00
Wet Dreams (feat. Bizzar) Twiztid 4:01
What I'm Feelin' Twiztid 3:46
What Ya Really Want Twiztid 2:40
What's on My Mind Twiztid 3:18
Whatthefuck!?!? Twiztid 3:44

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