Tahiti 80

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members: Xavier Boyer
Médéric Gontier
Sylvain Marchand
Pedro Resende
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Date Title Artist Length
Fanfare Fantastic Plastic Machine feat. Tahiti 80 3:34
(We'll Go) Separate Ways カヒミ・カリィ 3:34
The End of the Beginning (feat. Tahiti 80) Yé-Yé 3:35
A Love From Outer Space Tahiti 80 3:31
Barbie Dress Tahiti 80 4:15
Desiree Tahiti 80 2:44
I.S.A.A.C. (live @ Sirius Satellite Studio) Tahiti 80 3:39
Revolution 80 (Millennium version) Tahiti 80 5:34
When the Sun (Sunrise version) Tahiti 80 4:29
…And the Rest Is Just Crocodile Tears Tahiti 80
believin' (Tahiti 80 Remix) CHEMISTRY 3:38
Fanfare(TAHITI 80 remix) Fantastic Plastic Machine ?:??
Why Not? (Tahiti 80 remix) Fantastic Plastic Machine 6:18
Don't Look Below
Swimming Suit