Live (US alt rock band)

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members: Adam Kowalczyk (guitar [Touring Guitarist]) (1999 – 2009)
Chris Shinn (2012 –)
original members: Patrick Dahlheimer
Chad Gracey
Chad Taylor (US guitarist for Live)
Ed Kowalczyk (– 2009)
founded: Think Loud Entertainment
has personal label: Action Front Records
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Date Title Artist Length
Turn My Head
1995-02-15 Supernatural (live) Live 3:30
Dance With You Live & Anouk 4:42
I Alone (live, 2000: TMF Awards) Live & Anouk 4:41
Intro Live & Anouk 0:46
All Over You Live 3:59
Horse Live 4:17
I Alone Live 3:51
I Walk the Line Live 3:08
Iris Live 3:59
Lightning Crashes Live 5:25
Pillar of Davidson Live 6:46
Selling the Drama Live 3:26
Shit Towne Live 3:48
Stage Live 3:08
T.B.D. Live 4:29
The Dam at Otter Creek Live 4:43
The Way Around Is Through Live 4:53
Top Live 2:42
Waitress Live 2:49
White, Discussion Live 6:08