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KISS at Greenville Memorial AuditoriumConcertsupport act1985-01-03
KISS at Freedom Hall Civic Center at Science Hill High SchoolConcertsupport act1985-01-04
KISS at Cumberland County Memorial ArenaConcertsupport act1985-01-05
KISS at Charlotte ColiseumConcertsupport act1985-01-06
KISS at Knoxville Civic ColiseumConcertsupport act1985-01-08
KISS at The OmniConcertsupport act1985-01-09
KISS at Orlando Sports StadiumConcertsupport act1985-01-10
KISS at Sunrise Musical TheatreConcertsupport act1985-01-11
KISS at Sunrise Musical TheatreConcertsupport act1985-01-12
KISS at Bayfront Center ArenaConcertsupport act1985-01-13
KISS at Kiefer UNO Lakefront ArenaConcertsupport act1985-01-15
KISS at Mississippi Coast ColiseumConcertsupport act1985-01-16
KISS at Von Braun Civic CenterConcertsupport act1985-01-17
KISS at Boutwell AuditoriumConcertsupport act1985-01-18
KISS at Nashville Municipal AuditoriumConcertsupport act1985-01-19
KISS at The Pensacola Civic CenterConcertsupport act1985-01-21
KISS at Mid‐South ColiseumConcertsupport act1985-01-22
Sweden Rock Festival 2013, Day 3: Festival StageFestivalmain performer2013-06-0711:00
Hellfest 2013, Day 2: Main Stage 01Festivalmain performer2013-06-22
Rock Fest Barcelona 2017, Day 1: Stage FestFestivalmain performer2017-06-3013:30
Sweden Rock Festival 2019, Day 1: Festival StageFestivalmain performer2019-06-06
Graspop Metal Meeting 2019, Day 2: Red Bull Metal DomeFestivalmain performer2019-06-22
Riverside Aarburg 2019, Day 1Festivalmain performer2019-08-3016:00