Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Different Beginning 1:11
Across the Land and Over the Sea 3:24
Alma's Sacrifice 1:07
Ambush at the Castle 0:57
Ancient Evil Asleep 0:18
Burned at the Stake / End Credits 3:39
Cue Excerpt Chapter End (Draft Recording) 0:36
Delita's Deception 1:18
Delita's Sorrow 0:58
Delita's Sorrow Suite 2:58
Diaries of Olan Piano Suite 2:05
Dungeon of Fears 3:04
Early Writings of the Diary 1:00
Ending the Fifty Year War 0:54
Enter the Swampy Forest 0:56
Evil in the Rising 1:38
Final Battle 1:35
Final Diary Entry 1:58
For the Love of Ovelia 0:59
Hero of Light (End Credits) 4:01
Main Title 2:16
Olan Graduates from High School (Easter Egg) 0:43
Only in My Arms 1:36
Questing 1:18
Regrettable Algus (Orchestrated) 1:18
Save Game 0:53
The Journey Ends 4:16
The Lost Woods 1:16
The Zodiac Prophecy 1:32
Zelda 2:15

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