Sabbat (England)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Cautionary Tale 4:17
A Cautionary Tale (BBC Sessions recording) 4:17
A Cautionary Tale (Fragments of a Faith Forgotten recording) 4 4:34
A Dead Man’s Robe 4:49
Advent of Insanity 2:27
Advent of Insanity 2:11
All Over the Desolate Land 5:45
Behind the Crooked Cross 6:01
Behind the Crooked Cross (live) 5:23
Blacking Metal 3:50
Blood for the Blood God 7:00
By Thy Command 4:02
Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares? 6:24
Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares? (live) 6:18
Dreamscape 8:47
Dumbstruck 5:17
For Those Who Died 6:23
For Those Who Died (BBC Sessions recording) 6:08
For Those Who Died (Fragments of a Faith Forgotten recording) 5 7:01
For Those Who Died (live, 1990-03-04: Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, Berlin, Germany) 6:17
For Those Who Died (live) 5:45
Happy Never After (Outro) 1:03
Horned Is the Hunter 8:09
Hosanna in Excelsis 4:01
Hosanna in Excelsis (Fragments of a Faith Forgotten recording) 4 4:33
Hosanna in Excelsis (live, 1990-03-04: Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, Berlin, Germany) 4:06
Hosanna in Excelsis (live) 4:33
How Have the Mighty Fallen? 8:18
I for an Eye 5:25
I for an Eye (live, 1990-03-04: Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, Berlin, Germany) 5:40
I for an Eye (live) 5:00
Intro 2:04
Mourning Has Broken 2:05
Mythistory 6:47
Paint the World Black 5:25
Rage of Mountains 5:30
Stranger Than Fiction 7:25
The 13th Disciple (BBC Sessions recording) 9:27
The Beginning of the End (intro) 0:30
The Beginning of the End (Intro) 0:36
The Best of Enemies 8:14
The Best of Enemies 8:22
The Best of Enemies (live) 8:05
The Church Bizarre 5:08
The Church Bizarre (live) 4:44
The Clerical Conspiracy 5:38
The Clerical Conspiracy (live) 6:05
The Demise of History 7:52
The Immaculate Conception 4:06
The Original Sin 2:39
The Original Sin 3:03
The Voice of Time 6:45
Theological Void 7:25
Wildfire 4:39
Witch's Mill 2:28
Without a Trace 7:24

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