Erik Turner

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original member of:Warrant (US hair metal band) (background vocals, guitar) (1984 –)
supporting guitar for:Adler’s Appetite (2003)
has personal publisher:Erik Turner Music
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Blind Faith
Cherry Pie
Faraway Eyes
Mr. Rainmaker
Polka Your Eyes Out
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Can’t Get Over You guitar Erik Turner 3:04
Don’t Say Goodnight guitar Erik Turner 4:49
Faraway Eyes guitar Erik Turner 3:50
Girl guitar Erik Turner 3:44
Honey guitar Erik Turner 5:09
Monday guitar Erik Turner 4:24
Psychodelic Ride guitar Erik Turner 4:13
White Boy Stomp guitar Erik Turner 3:58
Winds of Change guitar Erik Turner 4:58
Wing and a Prayer guitar Erik Turner 2:29
Wings of an Angel guitar Erik Turner 3:31
Hollywood Underground guitar Hollywood Underground
All Shook Up Swingin’ Thing 4:11
All That Glitters The Things 3:48
Bad on Wheels Shake City 3:13
Betty Blue Shake City 3:49
Bleed Swingin’ Thing 4:22
Can’t Get Over You Erik Turner 3:04
Can’t Get Over You Shake City 4:36
Don’t Say Goodnight Erik Turner 4:49
Faraway Eyes Erik Turner 3:50
Game of War Shake City 3:29
Generation Swingin’ Thing 4:00
Get It While It’s Hot Shake City 4:06
Girl Erik Turner 3:44
Honey Erik Turner 5:09
Hot Love Shake City 3:41
I Want Your Body Swingin’ Thing 3:59
Little Lianne Shake City 3:48
Lust & Love Shake City 3:27
Monday Erik Turner 4:24
No Doubt About It Cherry St. 3:50
No One but Myself to Blame Swingin’ Thing 5:56
One Good Reason Shake City 3:32
Precious Swingin’ Thing 4:25
Psychedelic Ride Shake City 4:25
Psychodelic Ride Erik Turner 4:13
Pump! Swingin’ Thing 4:02
Stamp Out Reality The Things 3:49
Submarine Shake City 4:49
Sweet Dreams Shake City 3:40
Trippin’ the Lights Fantastic Swingin’ Thing 3:53
Underground Swingin’ Thing 4:14
White Boy Stomp Erik Turner 3:58
Winds of Change Erik Turner 4:58
Wing and a Prayer Erik Turner 2:29
Wings of an Angel Erik Turner 3:31
Hollywood Underground Hollywood Underground
Best I Can
Big City Woman
Can’t Get Over You
Cry Baby
Does It Matter
Don’t Say Goodnight
Feels Good
I Saw Red
I’ll Get By
Indian Giver
Lap of Luxury
Letter to a Friend
Psychodelic Ride
Sex Ain’t Love
White Boy Stomp
Winds of Change
Wing and a Prayer
Wings of an Angel