Galactic (New Orleans funk & jazz jam band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
...And I'm Out Galactic with Mr. Lif 3:29
...And I'm Out Galactic feat. Mr. Lif 3:29
7th Ward Galactic 5:11
Action Speaks Louder Than Words Galactic 3:33
Africa Galactic with Ivan Neville 8:01
All Behind Me Now Galactic 4:31
All Behind You Now Galactic 3:19
All Behind You Now Galactic 3:50
And I Thought I Was a Pyro Galactic 3:36
As Big As Your Face Galactic 6:23
Ash Wednesday Sunrise Galactic 3:38
Attack Galactic 3:28
Bacchus Galactic feat. Allen Toussaint 2:54
Baker's Dozen Galactic 4:18
Baker's Dozen Galactic 9:12
Baker's Dozen Galactic 12:47
Baker’s Dozen Galactic 9:27
Bakers Dozen Galactic 12:04
Balkan Wedding Galactic USEP41108003 5:14
Bittersweet Galactic 3:29
Bittersweet Galactic 3:48
Black Eyed Pea Galactic 3:46
Black Eyed Pea Galactic 4:09
Black Eyed Pea Galactic 9:50
Blue Pepper Galactic 5:28
Blue Pepper Galactic 17:53
Boban (Mere Yaara Dildara) Galactic USEP41108012 7:25
Bobski 2000 Galactic 1:41
Bobski/Jeffe 2000 Galactic 2:49
Bobski/Mac 2K+4 Galactic 1:42
Boe Money Galactic feat. Rebirth Brass Band 3:16
Boe Money Galactic featuring The Soul Rebels Brass Band USEP41108008 7:07
Bongo Joe Galactic 3:12
Bongo Joe Galactic 3:23
Bongo Joe Galactic 6:58
Bongo Joe (live: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA) Galactic 5:20
Bongo the Dog Galactic 4:51
Bounce Baby Galactic with Z‐Trip 3:09
Buck 77 Galactic NLB931501207 3:38
Buck It Like A Horse Lil' Rascals Brass Band & Galactic 12:25
Burned Down Galactic 3:42
Cabbage Alley Galactic 5:36
Cafe de Clouet Galactic 0:21
Carnival Time Galactic 3:18
Century City Galactic 4:54
Century City Galactic 4:56
Change My Ways, Part 1 Galactic 1:38
Change My Ways, Part 2 Galactic 4:22
Charlie Dozen Galactic 5:50
Cheekybird Galactic 5:02
Chicken in the Corn Galactic feat. Brushy One String NLB931501209 3:29
Chicken Pox Galactic 8:04
Chris Cross Harrison Galactic 8:18
Church Galactic 5:54
Church Galactic USCA19886816 5:53
Cineramascope Galactic feat. Trombone Shorty & Corey Henry 5 3:15
Cineramascope Galactic featuring Trombone Shorty USEP41108005 5:13
Cineramascope (feat. Trombone Shorty and Corey Henry) Galactic 3:14
Coalmine Galactic 5:16
Countdown>Fire (Ohio Players) Galactic 6:45
Crazyhorse Mongoose Galactic 6:36
Crazyhorse Mongoose Galactic 4:45
Crazyhorse Mongoose Galactic 8:17
Dark Water Galactic feat. John Boutté 3:11
Denny's Village Rundown Galactic 2:31
Do It Again Galactic feat. Cheeky Blakk 2:31
Do It Again (Again) Galactic feat. Cheeky Blakk 1:08
Does It Really Make a Difference Galactic feat. Mavis Staples NLB931501208 4:41
Dolla Diva Galactic feat. David Shaw and Maggie Koerner NLB931501203 3:32
Dolla Diva Galactic feat. David Shaw and Maggie Koerner 3:33
Dolla Diva (live) Galactic feat. Erica Falls 4:29
Domino Galactic feat. Ryan Montbleau NLB931501206 3:43
Donkey Punch Galactic 4:14
Doo Rag Galactic 6:16
Doo Rag Galactic USCA19886819 6:13
Doo Rag (live) Galactic with Triple Threat DJ's 8:52
Doomed Galactic 3:14
Doomed Galactic 5:39
Double It Galactic feat. Big Freedia 3:25
Double Wide Galactic 4:20
Doublewide Galactic 4:53
Doublewide Galactic 9:17
Doublewide Galactic 11:15
Drums Galactic 4:52
Drums Galactic 11:42
Encore: Double It Galactic featuring Big Freedia USEP41108013 3:49
Everybody Wants Some (Part 1) Galactic 4:19
Everybody Wants Some (Part 2) Galactic 2:24
Everybody Wants Some (Part 3) Galactic 5:14
Everybody Wants Some, Part 1 Galactic USCA19886821 4:20
Everybody Wants Some, Part 2 Galactic USCA19886822 2:24
Everybody Wants Some, Part 3 Galactic USCA19886823 5:25
Fanfare Galactic 1:23
Fema Galactic 5:20
Find My Home Galactic with Vursatyl & Ohmega Watts 4:02
Fire On The Bayou Galactic 5:49
Fire On The Mt. Tease>Fire (Hendrix) Galactic 3:18
Friends of Science Galactic 1:17
From the Corner to the Block Galactic with Juvenile & Soul Rebels Brass Band 3:19
From the Corner to the Block Galactic featuring The Soul Rebels Brass Band & Corey Henry USEP41108010 6:39

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