Capitol Steps

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Merchant of Venice Beach 4:24
The N.Y.L.C. ?:??
The Night Before Cambridge ?:??
The Personal Diaries of Al Gore 2:41
The Right Wing's Striking Again 1:18
The Singing Chads 1:40
The Sunni Side of Tikrit 2:25
The Supremes 2:09
The Supremes 2:27
The Supremes (Live) 2:47
The Twelve Days of Business 3:00
The Twelve Days of Clinton 3:09
The Twelve Days of Twitter ?:??
The Twitter ?:??
The Twitter 1:26
The Unabomber Song 1:43
The Vatican Flag 1:20
The Woes 1:36
The Wreck of the Walter Fritz Mondale 2:45
The Wreck Ofthe Walter Fritz Mondale / 'Crats 2:02
There Is Nothin' Like the Ames 2:04
There Is Nothing Like Ukraine 1:57
There's a Hole in the Center of the Ballot / Singing Chads 1:38
This Fish Is Made for Walkin' 1:25
This Is the House O.J. Built 2:45
This is The House That Jack Bribed 1:48
This Land's Not Your Land 2:43
Three Eggs and Ham 3:50
Three Little Kurds from School 2:26
Three Little Wives of Newt 2:05
Throwing Stones 3:18
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round My Oldsmobile 1:08
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round My Oldsmobile 2:00
Time for Killin' Barney 1:21
Tip O 2:07
To Borrow 2:54
To Steer on Mir 2:55
Told You So ?:??
Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #1 1:32
Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #2 1:07
Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #3 0:34
Tony With the Light Brown Hair 1:30
Toricelli 1:15
Trading Game 3:04
TSA Investigation: Moist and Dangerous 1:17
Tsounds of Tsongas 2:05
Tut Wiler, Tut Wiler 1:30
Tweet, Tweet (Live) 2:18
Twelve Days of Business 3:56
Twinkie, Twinkie 1:35
U.S. Pistol Service 1:43
Under B.P. 4:13
Under BP 4:16
Under the Goalpost 1:37
Under the Sea 2:09
Undress the U.S.A. 2:25
Unzip Unzip, Ah! 1:13
Unzippin' My Doo-Dah 1:05
Unzippin' My Doodah 1:14
Up in the Congress, Oh, Oh! 0:52
Up on the Desktop 1:43
Valdez Knock a Rock 1:06
Viagra 1:04
Viagra 2:13
Votin' Four to Five 2:04
Voting 4 to 5 2:10
Waiting for Perot 2:42
Wake Me up in Mar-a-Lago (Live) 6:58
We All Use Word 3:36
We Are the Pirates ?:??
We Arm the World 2:37
We Arm the World (Live Grenade) 3:20
We Arrrr the World 3:47
We Circled France All Night 1:31
We Didn't Start Satire 3:57
We Like That Old Timer Robert Dole 2:30
We Like That Old Timer Robert Dole 1:48
We Lost Your Heart 1:16
We Need a Little Christie ?:??
We Need a Little Christie 1:57
We Need a Little Chrotophe 1:52
We Need a Little Isthmus 1:36
We Need a Little Isthmus 1:36
We Need a Little Isthmus 1:02
We Need Someone to Blame ?:??
We Need Someone to Blame 2:21
We Three Men Ex-Presidents Are 1:17
We Warm the World (Live) 4:27
We Won't Wed in the Church This Time 2:07
We'll Do What Ollie Would 1:07
We've Got a Lot of Livers to Do 2:18
Whale Barrow 1:47
What a Difference Delay Makes 1:50
What a Lie ?:??
What a Lie-Lie-Lie 1:05
What Kind of Cool Am I 3:55
What Kind of Cool Am I? 3:53
What Kind of Fool Is Phelps? ?:??
What Kind of Fuel Am I? 1:32
What Pests You Metrosexuals ?:??

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