Iron Maiden (English heavy metal band)

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1980Iron MaidenIron Maiden4.4532
1981KillersIron Maiden4.0535
1982The Number of the BeastIron Maiden4.545
1983Piece of MindIron Maiden4.2535
1984PowerslaveIron Maiden4.5533
1986Somewhere in TimeIron Maiden4.2525
1988Seventh Son of a Seventh SonIron Maiden4.426
1990No Prayer for the DyingIron Maiden2.920
1992Fear of the DarkIron Maiden3.824
1995The X FactorIron Maiden2.8512
1998Virtual XIIron Maiden2.311
2000Brave New WorldIron Maiden3.9514
2003Dance of DeathIron Maiden4.116
2006A Matter of Life and DeathIron Maiden3.9519
2010The Final FrontierIron Maiden3.3524
2015The Book of SoulsIron Maiden3.913
2021SenjutsuIron Maiden3.6513

Album + Compilation

198712 Wasted YearsIron Maiden1
1987Maiden Mania 80-87Iron Maiden1
1990The First Ten YearsIron Maiden4.251
1990The First Ten Years - The VideosIron Maiden1
1992From There to EternityIron Maiden1
1992Metal Hammer The Video Magazine Special Iron MaidenIron Maiden1
1995The Story So Far Part IIron Maiden1
1995The Story So Far Part IIIron Maiden1
1996Best of the BeastIron Maiden212
1997In ProfileIron Maiden1
1998Making of the Virtual XIIron Maiden1
1998Eddie's HeadIron Maiden1
1999Ed HunterIron Maiden53
2000Powerslave / Single Collection 2Iron Maiden1
2001The Number of the BeastIron Maiden1
2002Edward the GreatIron Maiden44
2003Visions of the BeastIron Maiden1
2005The Essential Iron MaidenIron Maiden2
2005Heavy Metal BoxMetallica / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest1
2008Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980–1989Iron Maiden6
2008Rock in Rio / The Number of the BeastIron Maiden1
2008Classic Albums: Iron Maiden / Def LeppardIron Maiden / Def Leppard1
2008The Complete Album CollectionIron Maiden1
2011From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990–2010Iron Maiden5
2012Picture Disc Collection 1980–1988Iron Maiden1
2014The Complete Albums Collection 1980–1988Iron Maiden3
2017The Complete Albums Collection 1990–2015Iron Maiden1
2022The Number of the Beast / Beast Over HammersmithIron Maiden1

Album + Compilation + Live

1993A Real Live Dead OneIron Maiden34
2001The History of Iron Maiden, Part 1: The Early DaysIron Maiden1
2002Eddie’s ArchiveIron Maiden3

Album + Interview

2000Interview CDIron Maiden1
2003Dance of Death Interview CDIron Maiden1

Album + Live

1981Live at The RainbowIron Maiden1
1985Live After DeathIron Maiden4.829
1985Live After Death - Volume OneIron Maiden1
1985Live After Death - Volume TwoIron Maiden1
1993A Real Live OneIron Maiden7
1993A Real Dead OneIron Maiden8
1993Live at Donington: August 22nd 1992Iron Maiden410
1994Maiden England ’88Iron Maiden4.357
2001Raising HellIron Maiden2
2001Raising HellIron Maiden1
2002Rock in RioIron Maiden4.7510
2002BBC ArchivesIron Maiden3
2002Beast Over HammersmithIron Maiden2
2005Death on the RoadIron Maiden4.359
2008Iron Maiden and the New Wave of British Heavy MetalIron Maiden1
2009Flight 666: The Original SoundtrackIron Maiden46
2009Flight 666 (The Film)Iron Maiden1
2012En Vivo!Iron Maiden3.56
2016Tokyo 2nd Night (Live, 2016-04-21, Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan)Iron Maiden1
2017The Book of Souls: Live ChapterIron Maiden49
2020Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico CityIron Maiden46


1980Running FreeIron Maiden1
1980SanctuaryIron Maiden2
1980Women in UniformIron Maiden2
1980ProwlerIron Maiden1
1980Strange WorldIron Maiden1
1981Twilight ZoneIron Maiden2
1981WrathchildIron Maiden1
1981PurgatoryIron Maiden42
1981Detroit Rock City / Iron MaidenKISS / Iron Maiden1
1981KillersIron Maiden1
1982Run to the HillsIron Maiden35
1982The Number of the BeastIron Maiden45
1982L'Internazionale / Run to the HillsMassimo Luca / Iron Maiden1
1983Flight of IcarusIron Maiden54
1983Cross-Eyed MaryIron Maiden1
1983Did You Have to Love Me Like You Did / Flight of IcarusThe Coconuts / Iron Maiden1
1983The TrooperIron Maiden33
19842 Minutes to MidnightIron Maiden43
1984Aces HighIron Maiden33
1984Flash of the BladeIron Maiden1
1984Losfer Words (Big 'orra)Iron Maiden1
1984Where Eagles DareIron Maiden1
1986Stranger in a Strange LandIron Maiden2
1986Wasted YearsIron Maiden3
1988Can I Play With MadnessIron Maiden2
1988The Evil That Men DoIron Maiden4
1988The ClairvoyantIron Maiden2
1989Infinite DreamsIron Maiden3
1990Running Free / SanctuaryIron Maiden1

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