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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Bells Telepathe 3:27
Bells (Bobby Evans remix) Telepathe 3:28
Bells (Free Blood remix) Telepathe 4:35
Blinded Mouths Telepathe 3:49
Breath of Life, Crimes and Killings, Threads and Knives Telepathe 7:08
Can't Stand It Telepathe 6:56
Can't Stand It Telepathe 6:11
Chrome's on It Telepathe 4:19
Chrome's on It Telepathe 3:39
Chrome's on It Telepathe 4:11
Chrome's on It Telepathe 4:15
Chrome's On It Telepathe 4:18
Chrome's on It (Frankmusik remix) Telepathe 4:07
Chrome's on It (Mad Decent remix) Telepathe 4:10
Chrome's on It (The Mae Shi remix) Telepathe 4:16
Crimes and Killings Telepathe 5:22
Crimes and Killings (Alexxxchange mix) Telepathe 7:20
Damaged Raid Telepathe 2:59
Destroyer Telepathe ?:??
Destroyer Telepathe 4:05
Destroyer (remix) Telepathe ?:??
DEV†LS T☈†DENT (ʄ◬UXMUS†CA "† CAN SEE THE ʄUTURE" M†X) Telepathe 4:27
Devil's Trident Telepathe 4:31
Devil's Trident Telepathe 4:26
Devil's Trident Telepathe 4:24
Devil's Trident (The Big Pink Reality) Telepathe 6:33
Drown Around Me Telepathe 4:57
Drugged Telepathe 3:04
Drugged Telepathe 3:03
Envoy Telepathe 4:54
Fuck You Up Telepathe 3:21
God Is Watching Telepathe 4:15
Hyper Ho Telepathe 2:49
I Can't Stand It Telepathe 5:13
I Can't Stand It Telepathe 6:51
In Your Line Telepathe 4:37
In Your Line Telepathe 4:28
In Your Line (DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek remix) Telepathe 3:42
In Your Line (DJ /Rupture & Matt Shadetek remix) Telepathe ?:??
In Your Line (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek remix) Telepathe 3:57
Islands Telepathe 2:40
Islands (Soft Pink Truth remix) Telepathe 4:27
Lights Go Down Telepathe 4:54
Lights Go Down Telepathe 5:24
Lights Go Down Telepathe 4:47
Michael Telepathe 4:14
Michael Telepathe 4:09
Michael (Atticus Ross remix) Telepathe 5:27
Nights Spell Telepathe 3:38
Onyx Telepathe 3:47
Pet Communicator Telepathe 3:22
Pinball Simian Mobile Disco feat. Telepathe GBDNH0900151 3:56
Sinister Militia Telepathe 4:35
Sinister Militia (TMJ!!! remix) Telepathe 7:14
Slow Learner Telepathe 3:40
So Fine Telepathe 3:36
So Fine Telepathe 3:31
So Fine Telepathe 3:32
So Fine Telepathe 3:29
So Fine Telepathe 3:27
So Fine (Chairlift remix) Telepathe 5:06
Someone Is Home Telepathe 3:32
Standing in Your Line Telepathe 4:34
The Devil's Trident Telepathe 4:26
The March Telepathe 3:43
Throw Away This Telepathe 2:56
Trilogy: Breath of Life, Cimes and Killings, Threads and Knives Telepathe 6:59
You Ought to Know Telepathe 7:02

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