Kit Watkins

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member of: Happy the Man (1972 – 1979)
Camel (UK prog rock band) (1979 – 1982)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Capricious Skies
Eye of the Storm
Heavy Water
Hidden Moods
I Forgot to Push It
Morning Sun
Mr. Mirror’s Reflections on Dreams
No Energy Crisis
Phoebus’ Dream
Remote Romance
Solar Gain
The Moon, I Sing
Third Planet Suite
Upon the Rainbow (Befrost)
Eye of the Storm Clavinet Camel 3:53
Eye of the Storm Minimoog [Mini Moog] Camel 3:53
Eye of the Storm keyboard [Solina] Camel 3:53
Eye of the Storm concert flute Camel 3:53
Hymn to Her keyboard [Solina] Camel 5:37
Hymn to Her Clavinet Camel 5:37
Hymn to Her Hammond organ [Hammond C.3] Camel 5:37
Hymn to Her Minimoog [Mini Moog] Camel 5:37
Ice Minimoog [Mini Moog] Camel 10:19
Ice Rhodes piano Camel 10:19
Ice electric grand piano [Yamaha Electric Grand Piano on into] Camel 10:19
Ice keyboard [Solina] Camel 10:19
Ice Hammond organ [Hammond C.3] Camel 10:19
My Sweet Darlin’ keyboard Richard Sinclair 4:21
Out of the Shadows keyboard Richard Sinclair 12:16
Remote Romance keyboard [EMS Sequencer] Camel 4:08
Remote Romance Clavinet Camel 4:08
Remote Romance keyboard [Yamaha C.S.80] Camel 4:08
Remote Romance Minimoog [Mini Moog] Camel 4:08
Wait Rhodes piano Camel 5:04
Wait electric grand piano [Yamaha Electric Grand Piano] Camel 5:04
Wait Hammond organ [Hammond C.3] Camel 5:04
Wait keyboard [Solina] Camel 5:04
Wait Moog [1st & 3rd Moog solos] Camel 5:04
What in the World keyboard Richard Sinclair 7:16
Who We Are Minimoog [Mini Moog] Camel 7:52
Who We Are keyboard [Solina] Camel 7:52
Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine keyboard [Prophet Five] Camel 3:26
Wind Up Doll Day Wind