Diesel (Australian pop rock aka Mark Lizotte)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I've Been Loving You Too Long (acoustic) Diesel 3:53
I’d Die to Be with You Tonight Jimmy Barnes feat. Diesel 4:09
If You Let Me Give Diesel feat. Lila Gold 3:03
Intro...Hank's Dream Diesel 1:37
Is It Only Love Diesel 4:00
It Hurts Me Too Diesel 3:22
It's All in the Game Diesel 4:02
Last Shower Diesel feat. Tim Chaisson 3:40
Lay Down Here Diesel 3:42
Lay Down Here (live) Diesel 3:36
Let It Fly Diesel 4:31
Let You In Diesel 3:50
Lotion Diesel 4:16
Love Again Diesel 3:14
Love Junk Diesel 3:49
Love Junk Johnny Diesel ?:??
Love Junk (live) Diesel 4:47
Love Junk Violent Johnny Diesel ?:??
Make It Right Diesel 4:43
Man Alive Diesel 4:51
Man Alive Diesel 4:11
Man Alive Diesel ?:??
Man Alive (album version) Diesel ?:??
Man Alive (live) Diesel 6:14
Man Alive (remix - single version) Diesel ?:??
Master Plan Diesel 5:19
Masterplan Diesel 5:19
Masterplan (live) Diesel 5:07
Meaning of Life (live, 2005-12: The Vanguard, Sydney, Australia) Diesel 3:46
Mercurial Girl Diesel ?:??
Merry Christmas Baby Diesel 3:17
Moneymaker Diesel 2:59
Moon Morning Diesel 4:28
My Baby Likes to Boogaloo Diesel 3:23
Navigate Diesel 4:06
Need Your Fire Diesel 3:20
Need Your Fire (live) Diesel 3:24
Never Miss Your Water Diesel 3:57
Never Miss Your Water Diesel ?:??
Never Miss Your Water Diesel ?:??
Never Miss Your Water (live) Diesel 4:03
No Sign for Like Diesel 3:00
No Time Tonight Diesel 3:20
On Your Sand Diesel 3:51
One More Time Diesel 4:06
One More Time Diesel 4:37
One More Time (acoustic) Diesel 3:59
One More Time (live) Diesel 4:33
One More Time (live to air recording) Diesel 3:53
One More Time (acoustic) Diesel 3:58
One Phone Call Diesel 3:46
One Thing After Another Diesel 5:03
P & H Children Diesel 3:45
Paranoid Diesel 2:30
Picture of You Diesel 4:38
Picture of You Diesel ?:??
Please Send Me Someone to Love Diesel 4:21
Positive Diesel 3:08
Positive (live, 2005-12: The Vanguard, Sydney, Australia) Diesel 5:11
Prisoner Diesel 3:29
Prisoner Diesel 3:35
Queen Jane Approximately Diesel 4:12
Rag Mama Rag Diesel 2:49
Rave On Diesel 2:30
Rear View Mirror Diesel ?:??
Reconsider Baby Diesel 3:18
Rhythm of Your Soul (live) Diesel 3:43
Ring of Fire Diesel 3:11
Rumble Diesel 2:23
Sacred Cow Diesel 4:10
Satisfaction Diesel 2:34
Save a Little Lovin' Diesel 4:27
Saviour Diesel 4:28
Saviour (live, 2005-12: The Vanguard, Sydney, Australia) Diesel 4:15
Saviour (remix) Diesel ?:??
Scarlet Ribbons Diesel 2:50
Sea by Stars Diesel 3:15
See You Round Diesel ?:??
She Won't Need Words Diesel 3:33
She's High Diesel 3:29
Slide Diesel 4:35
Something Good Diesel 3:26
Something to You Diesel 4:46
Sometimes When We Touch Diesel 2:56
Soul Revival Diesel 4:42
Souldier Diesel 3:13
Sound of Guitar Diesel 4:24
Spanish Castle Magic Diesel 3:08
Steal My Sunshine Diesel 3:53
Steal My Sunshine (live) Diesel 4:47
Still Got a Long Way to Go Jimmy Barnes with Diesel 4:06
Still Thinking About Your Love Diesel 3:07
Stone Free Diesel 3:47
Stoopid Fool Diesel 3:16
Sweet Emotion Diesel 3:51
Sweet Soul Music Jimmy Barnes & Diesel 3:44
Take My Heart Diesel 4:47
Tear Out the Man Diesel 2:58
Tell the Truth Diesel ?:??
Thang #6 Diesel 2:58

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