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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1945-02-13Kitten on the KeystromboneFreddie Slack and His Orchestra?:??
1945-02-13Southpaw SerenadetromboneFreddie Slack and His Orchestra?:??
1945-02-13Strange CargotromboneFreddie Slack and His Orchestra?:??
1966-02-07All My Yesterdaysbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:22
1966-02-07Back Bonebass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra3:21
1966-02-07Big Dipperbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:51
1966-02-07Big Dipper (alternate take)bass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:44
1966-02-07Mornin' Rverendbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:49
1966-02-07The Little Pixiebass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:24
1966-03-21Ah, Thats Freedombass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra10:08
1966-03-21All My Yesterdaysbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:24
1966-03-21Back Homebass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra?:??
1966-03-21Don't Ever Leave Mebass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:28
1966-03-21Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)bass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:24
1966-03-21Low Downbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:36
1966-03-21Mean What You Saybass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:51
1966-03-21Mornin' Reverendbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:49
1966-03-21Once Aroundbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra12:44
1966-03-21Polka Dots & Moon Beamsbass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:02
1966-03-21Willow Weep for Mebass tromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra6:15
1966-09Come SundaytromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:16
1966-09Evil Man BluestromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:26
1966-09Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to YoutromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra2:53
1966-09Get Out of My Life WomantromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:21
1966-09Hallelujah, I Love Her SotromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:02
1966-09How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You)tromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra2:33
1966-09It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)tromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:05
1966-09Keep Your Hand on Your HearttromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:37
1966-09Night Time Is the Right TimetromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra5:14
1966-09Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This MorningtromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra4:31
1966-09Smack Dab in the MiddletromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra3:30
1966-09Woman's Got SoultromboneJoe Williams & The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra2:23
1967-04-28A’That’s Freedombass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis7:02
1967-04-28Bacha Feelinbass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis7:16
1967-04-28Don’t Git Sassybass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis7:22
1967-04-28Little Pixi IIbass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis10:47
1967-04-28Samba Con Getchubass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis12:18
1967-04-28Willow Treebass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis5:05
1967Ah' That's Freedombass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:56
1967Baca Feelin'bass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:25
1967Gettin' Sassybass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:21
1967Little Pixiebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra10:50
1967Quietudebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:04
1967The Second Racebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra10:32
1967Willow Treebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:36
1968-06 – 1968-07Be Anything (But Be Mine)tromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown5:46
1968-06 – 1968-07Black CoffeetromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown4:31
1968-06 – 1968-07Bye, Bye BlackbirdtromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown2:34
1968-06 – 1968-07Fine Brown FrametromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown3:12
1968-06 – 1968-07I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of TowntromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown4:19
1968-06 – 1968-07Sonny BoytromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown3:36
1968-06 – 1968-07Trouble in MindtromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown4:10
1968-06 – 1968-07Yes Sir, That's My BabytromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown3:38
1968-06 – 1968-07You Won't Let Me GotromboneThad Jones, Mel Lewis Orchestra featuring Miss Ruth Brown4:23
1968-10Kids Are Pretty PeopletromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra6:06
1968-10Mornin' ReverendtromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra4:55
1968-10Say It SoftlytromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra6:48
1968-10St. Louis BluestromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra12:42
1968-10The Second RacetromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra7:21
1968-10The Waltz You Swang For MetromboneThad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra5:30
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18Big DippertromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:56
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18Central Park NorthtromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra9:17
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18Jive SambatromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:57
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18QuietudetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:08
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18The Groove MerchanttromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:14
1969-06-17 – 1969-06-18Tow Away ZonetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:32
1969-09-11A-That's FreedomtromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra11:10
1969-09-11Bible StorytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra6:47
1969-09-11Come SundaytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:56
1969-09-11Don't Ever Leave MetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:30
1969-09-11Don't Get SassytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra11:48
1969-09-11Groove MerchanttromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:22
1969-09-11Second RacetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra10:54
1969-09-11The Waltz You Swang for MetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra9:24
1970-01-20Consummationbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:10
1970-01-20Dedicationbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra5:14
1970-01-21It Only Happens Every Timebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra3:07
1970-01-21Tiptoebass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra6:42
1970-01-28Fingersbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra10:39
1970-05-25A Child is Bornbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:09
1970-05-25Ahunk Ahunkbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra7:58
1970-05-25Usbass tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra3:37
1972-01-25 – 1972-09-01Only for Nowbass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis6:21
1972-01-25 – 1975-07-22A Good Time Was Had by Allbass tromboneThad Jones & Mel Lewis5:23
1974-06All My YesterdaystromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:31
1974-06AmbiancetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra7:22
1974-06Blues in a MinutetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra8:24
1974-06Don't You Worry 'Bout a ThingtromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra3:58
1974-06For the Love of MoneytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:12
1974-06Living for the CitytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:24
1974-06Quiet LadytromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra7:31
1974-06Yours and MinetromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra3:46
A Child Is Bornbass and tromboneThad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra4:06
Hold 'em Joe (recorded Jan 4, 1954)Clifford HeathertromboneHarry Belafonte3:03