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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
3rd Of July G.Pal vs. El Greco 8:33
Aegan Sea G-Pal 3:33
Aegan Sea G-Pal 2:52
Aegan Sea G-Pal 3:38
Aegean Sea G-Pal 3:05
Aegean Sea (Re-work) G.Pal 5:21
After Life G-Pal 7:51
After Life G-Pal 7:07
After Life G-Pal 7:07
After-Life (Radio Edit) G.Pal 4:24
Angel (Deep Jazzy) G-Pal ?:??
Angel (Deep Minimal) G-Pal ?:??
Anyway From You G-Pal 3:26
Away From You G-Pal ?:??
Away From You (Jazzy edit) G-Pal ?:??
Beneath The Surface (Piano mix) Gpal Presents GHOS ?:??
Beneath The Surface (Tribal mix) Gpal Presents GHOS ?:??
Black Lights G-Pal 7:43
Breathe (interlude) G-Pal 2:01
Breathe (interlude) G-Pal 2:01
Close to You G-Pal ?:??
Close to You G-Pal ?:??
Decadance (Unreleased Vocal Mix) G.Pal 7:19
Decadence G-Pal 7:28
Decadence (a cappella) G-Pal 2:06
Decadence (a cappella) G-Pal 2:06
Holly Day G-Pal ?:??
Holly Day G-Pal 5:54
I Can See the Lights G-Pal presents Ghos USDD40208102 3:13
I Can See the Lights G-Pal 8:13
I Can See The Lights G.Pal presents GHOS 8:11
Ioannis & Maria G-Pal 7:02
Ioannis & Maria G-Pal ?:??
Krevadence G-Pal ?:??
Life G‐Pal 6:17
Life G-Pal 8:53
Life G-Pal feat. Martin Luther King 7:25
Life G-Pal ?:??
Little Friends G.Pal 6:19
Moments of You G-Pal ?:??
Moments of You G-Pal 4:36
Moon Rising (Atmospheric mix) Gpal Presents GHOS ?:??
Moon Rising (Soul mix) Gpal Presents GHOS ?:??
More Than Beautiful G-Pal 5:55
More Than Beautiful G-Pal 6:02
Morning Lights G-Pal 6:04
Morning Lights G-Pal 6:34
Morning Lights G-Pal 5:12
Natural Being G-Pal 6:00
New York G-Pal ?:??
No Other Man G-Pal presents GHOS ?:??
Ocean of Blue (feat. Anna Maria X) G-Pal 8:39
Ocean of Blue (original mix) G-Pal feat. Anna Maria X 8:52
Ocean of Blue (original mix) G-Pal ?:??
Ophra (El Greco’s Eastern mix) G-Pal 11:23
Ophra (G-Pal's Interpretation) G-Pal 4:59
Ophra (G-Pal’s interpretation) G-Pal 5:00
Ophra (original mix) G-Pal 10:47
Ophra (radio edit) G-Pal 6:12
Orpha G Pal 6:28
Passport G-Pal ?:??
Play G-Pal 6:19
Seaside G-Pal 4:50
Simulation: Tribal G-Pal ?:??
Someday G-Pal 2:54
Someday (intro) G-Pal 3:08
That Music G-Pal 3:40
That Music G-Pal ?:??
That Music G-Pal 3:11
The Passion for the Phuture G-Pal ?:??
The Passion of the Phuture G-Pal 4:42
Under the Greek Sky G-Pal ?:??
Warning G-Pal 5:07
Where Do We Go Now? G-Pal 7:35
Within G-Pal & Anna Maria X 4:40
Within (Original Mix) G.Pal & Anna Maria X 4:38
Without That G-Pal 7:11

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