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supporting keyboard by: Anthony Bazzani
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Devil's Dream
Each Time
Heartaches Must Be Your Name
I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
Soft Rain
Talk to Your Heart
The Twenty Fourth Hour
Your Old Love Letters
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 All of You membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:02
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 All the Things You Are membranophone Oscar Peterson 6:14
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Blues for Martha membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:10
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Carolina Shout membranophone Oscar Peterson 3:16
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Greensleeves membranophone Oscar Peterson 4:28
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 I Didn't Know What Time It Was membranophone Oscar Peterson 6:37
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 I Love You membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:14
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 I'm Old Fashioned membranophone Oscar Peterson 4:09
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 It Never Entered My Mind membranophone Oscar Peterson 6:00
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Once Upon a Summertime membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:20
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Rock of Ages membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:32
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Teach Me Tonight membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:06
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 The JAMFs Are Coming membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:39
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Too Close for Comfort membranophone Oscar Peterson 4:19
1970-11-10 – 1970-11-13 Windmills of Your Mind membranophone Oscar Peterson 5:04
Devil's Dream
Each Time
Heartaches Must Be Your Name
Soft Rain
Talk to Your Heart
The Twenty Fourth Hour
Your Old Love Letters
Faded Love Willie Nelson & Ray Price 3:51
Night Life Willie Nelson feat. Ray Price 4:05
Night Life Willie Nelson with Ray Price 4:25
Run That by Me One More Time Willie Nelson & Ray Price 2:34
For the Good Times: A Tribute to Ray Price Willie Nelson
1970-03-16 For the Good Times Ray Price 3:49
Goin' Away Party Willie/Ray 3:25
Heartaches by the Number Ray with special guest: Vince Gill 3:04
I Gotta Have My Baby Back Willie/Merle/Ray 3:13
I Love You Because Willie/Merle/Ray 3:03
I Love You So Much It Hurts Willie/Merle/Ray 3:10
I'll Keep on Loving You Willie/Merle/Ray 3:05
Lost Highway Willie/Ray 2:54
Me and Jimmy Rodgers Ray Price 3:54
My Life's Been a Pleasure Willie/Merle/Ray 3:04
Night Watch Willie/Ray 2:47
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down Willie/Merle/Ray 3:16
Please Don't Leave Me Any More Darlin' Willie/Merle/Ray 3:34
Some Other World Willie/Merle/Ray 3:27
Sweet Jesus Willie/Merle/Ray 3:38
Sweet Memories Willie/Merle/Ray 3:24
That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine Willie/Merle/Ray 3:25
Why Me Willie/Ray with special guest: Kris Kristofferson 3:44
Hey La La
How Big Is God?
I Can't Run Away From Myself
I Know I'll Never Win Your Love Again
I'm Tired
I've Just Destroyed the World
Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)
You Done Me Wrong