Jim Rohn

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
'Today I Am a Wealthly Man' 1:54
'Without Dreams and Vision, We Perish' 4:21
A Definition of Financial Independence 3:25
A Definition of Success and Failure 5:32
A List of Goals 4:48
A Powerful Story 4:08
A Project to Consider 2:03
A Reason to Accomplish Great Things 5:06
A Remarkable Attitudinal Quality / Two Heart-Felt Questions 6:30
A Simple Approach to Life / 'Things My Mama Taught Me' 4:04
Abandoning the Search for Perfection in a Mentor 4:30
Achieving Financial Independence ?:??
Achieving Financial Independence (Continued) ?:??
An Intellectual Feast 5:21
Another Key Question 5:52
Another Scenario on Goal Setting 2:44
Ask 5:16
Awakening to the Opportunity 3:21
Becoming Better Than You Are 2:25
Belonging to Something Bigger Than Yourself / More Skills for Mentoring Others 5:44
Biographies and Autobiographies 4:50
Closing Thoughts 8:18
Communication, Presentation & Testimonials 4:43
Contact Info 0:27
Decision and Desire 3:16
Deserve vs. Need 3:50
Designing Your Future / The Goal Setting Workshop 24:19
Developing New Skills 8:18
Dispelling Myths About Money 4:08
Dissociation 4:52
Do Something Different 4:10
Don't Expect a Pear Tree to Bear Apples 2:22
Everyone Must Pay 3:42
Everything Is a Pyramid / Working With Other People Who Deserve It 8:46
Forming a Philosophy 3:41
Four Final Questions to Consider 6:50
Four Major Lessons to Learn 5:46
How Others Can Help You ?:??
How to Be a Bigger Winner ?:??
How to Go From Nothing to Something 9:01
How You Get More Money 5:10
Introduction 1:07
Introduction / Several Life-Changing Days 8:06
It's a Small Journey to Changing Your Life's Direction 15:01
It's the Style That Counts 3:06
Jim Makes the Hard and Fast Decisions to Simplify His Life 4:35
Keep Strict Accounts 3:15
Keeping a Journal 8:02
Keys to the Good Life 5:40
Learn to Help Others 1:25
Learn to Respond 3:52
Learning From Other's Experience 6:43
Learning to Master It 3:20
Living a Good Life 7:39
Living Well 7:50
Managing Time and Effort ?:??
Mental Food 4:56
Negative Thinking Is Important 2:51
Participating in the Miracle Process / Conclusion 6:44
Paying Attention to Your Values 3:59
Profits Are Better Than Wages 4:07
Sharing 5:37
Simplifying Your Approach to Goal-Achievement 4:59
Some Exciting News 5:37
Some People Do, Some People Don't 5:19
Starting With Money 4:59
Taking Care of Yourself Physically 3:48
Taking Care of Yourself Spiritually and Mentally 5:15
The Ability to Absorb 2:52
The Ability to Act 10:34
The Ability to Reflect 6:16
The Allocation Process 6:24
The Art of Setting Goals ?:??
The Biggest Self-Imposed Limitations 4:46
The Cultivation of Lifestyle ?:??
The Day That Turns Your Life Around ?:??
The Emotions That Can Change Your Life 5:18
The Five Things That Affect Us Most / The Pull of the Future 3:32
The Great Human Adventure 6:47
The Law of Averages 5:04
The Law of Sowing & Reaping 10:27
The Magic of Part-Time 4:36
The Mentors Who Shaped Jim Rohn's Life 5:39
The Philosophies That Changed Jim Rohn's Life 13:33
The Power of Personal Development ?:??
The Power of Personal Development (Continued) ?:??
The Promise of the Future Is an Awesome Force 4:06
The Secret to Success 5:30
The Set of the Sail 6:32
The Simplicity of Goal Setting 3:50
The Skills Required to Mentor a Team to Outstanding Success 11:38
The Story of Lydia Cologne 5:49
The Story of the Frog and the Scorpion 5:30
Three Keys to Becoming Inspired 5:25
To Attract Other People, You Must Be Attractive / The Skills of Leadership 9:51
Track 1 8:21
Track 1 3:10
Track 1 5:38
Track 1 4:43
Track 1 7:27

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