T. Rex (UK band)

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members: Mickey Finn (musician and T. Rex member) (percussion)
Gloria Jones (US singer/songwriter, known for "Tainted Love") (background vocals, keyboard)
Steve Peregrine Took (background vocals, bass, membranophone, percussion)
Steve Currie (bass) (1970 – 1976)
Bill Legend (membranophone) (1971 – 1973)
Jack Green (guitar [rythm guitar]) (1973 – 1974)
original members: Marc Bolan (lead vocals, guitar [lead guitar]) (1967 – 1977-09-16)
tribute artists: T. Rextasy (T. Rex tribute band)
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Date Title Artist Length
Bang a Gong (Get It On) T. Rex 4:26
Children of the Revolution T. Rex 4:43
Cosmic Dancer T. Rex 4:30
I Love to Boogie T. Rex 2:14
I’m the Main Man Jason Nevins feat. T Rex 3:31
Ride a White Swan T. Rex 2:15
Legacy: The Music of Marc Bolan & T Rex Various Artists