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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Fly High, Fly Low Sizzla 2:52
Food for Thought Sizzla 3:40
Food of Thought Sizzla & Anthony B 3:47
For Some Way Sizzla 4:09
For You Sizzla 4:18
Forever Be Strong Sizzla 4:13
Forever for Love (Riddim: Water Drops) Sizzla 1:39
Fought for Dis Sizzla 3:23
Fought For Dis Sizzla ?:??
Foundation Sizzla 4:20
Foundation Sizzla 2:22
Free Me Sizzla 3:06
Free Up Sizzla ?:??
Free Up the Herbs Sizzla 3:58
Free Up the Prisoners Sizzla 4:05
Free Up the Prisoners Sizzla feat. Turbulence 3:30
Freedom Sizzla 4:03
Freedom Sizzla feat. M‐1 ?:??
Freedom Sizzla feat. M‐1 4:07
Freedom Cry Sizzla 4:03
Freedom Cry Sizzla 4:04
Freedom Cry Sizzla 4:07
Freedom Cry Sizzla 4:06
Frigg Ya (feat. Spragga Benz) Sizzla 4:24
From Long Time Sizzla 2:06
From Long Time Sizzla 3:59
Fruit of Life YELLAM feat. Sizzla Kalonji 3:36
Future Sizzla 3:30
Future Is Yours Sizzla 3:27
Galong Sizzla 3:46
Galong Sizzla 3:46
Gambian Girls Sizzla 3:28
Gangs Roll in Town Sizzla ?:??
Gangsta Nuh Lef Dem Gun Sizzla 0:47
Ganja Sizzla 3:51
Ganja Sizzla 2:25
Ganja Sizzla 2:25
Ganja Haffi Smoke Sizzla 2:19
Ganja in My Brain Sizzla 3:05
Ganja in My Brain Sizzla & Tony Curtis 3:06
Get Lively Sizzla 3:43
Get Out Di Way Sizzla 3:23
Get Rid Ah Dem Sizzla 4:01
Get to the Point Live Sizzla ?:??
Get We Out Sizzla 4:06
Get With U Sizzla 3:25
Getting Better Sizzla ?:??
Ghetto Revolution Sizzla 3:36
Ghetto Utes Dem Ah Suffer Sizzla 3:44
Ghetto Youth Sizzla 3:34
Ghetto Youth Sizzla 3:42
Ghetto Youths Sizzla 3:12
Gi Dem Gunshot Sizzla 3:18
Gimme Some Money Sizzla 1:27
Gimmi Di Woman Dem Sizzla 3:15
Gimmie a Try Sizzla 3:40
Gimmie Di Woman Sizzla 3:43
Gimmie Love Sizzla 3:52
Girl Come to See Me Sizzla 3:27
Girl Dem Sizzla 4:00
Girl U Want to Love Me Sizzla 3:58
Girlfriend Sizzla 3:49
Girlfriend Sizzla 2:49
Girls Sizzla ?:??
Girls And Roses Sizzla 2:41
Girls Dem Cute Sizzla 2:52
Give Dem ah Ride Sizzla 3:27
Give Dem Ah Ride Sizzla 5:20
Give Her the Loving Sizzla 4:43
Give It to Dem Sizzla 3:46
Give It To Dem Sizzla ?:??
Give It To Dem Sizzla 3:44
Give It To Dem Sizzla 3:30
Give Jah Praise Sizzla feat. Alton Ellis 5:43
Give Jah Praise Sizzla 3:44
Give Jah Thanks Sizzla 1:40
Give Jah Thanx Sizzla ?:??
Give Me a Try Sizzla 3:22
Give Me a Try Sizzla 3:40
Give Me a Try Rihanna feat. Sizzla 3:11
Give Me a Try (RHP remix) Sizzla 2:20
Give Praises Sizzla 3:16
Give Praises Sizzla 3:19
Give Thanks Sizzla 4:21
Give Thanks Sizzla 4:17
Give Thanks Sizzla 3:16
Give Thanks and Praise (feat. Thriller U) Sizzla 3:51
Give Thanks to Jah Sizzla 3:17
Give Them a Ride Sizzla 3:30
Give Them a Ride (remix) Sizzla 3:37
Give Them the Ride Sizzla 3:25
Give Them the Ride (Morgan Heritage Remix) Sizzla 3:31
Give You What You Want Sizzla 1:57
Give You What You Want Sizzla feat. Bounty Killer 3:20
Glad Sizzla 3:42
Glorify Sizzla 3:54
Go Round Them Sizzla 2:43
Goal Sizzla 2:36
God Bless You Mama Sizzla ?:??
Going On Sizzla ?:??

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