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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Absent AZEDIA 5:46
Agony AZEDIA 6:27
Azedia's Ultimate 420 Mix Azedia 33:25
Calm Down AZEDIA 5:10
Calm Down AZEDIA ?:??
Catharsis Mix AZEDIA 30:39
Ether AZEDIA feat. Sean Michael Smith ?:??
Fall Below AZEDIA ?:??
Fall Below (live) AZEDIA 7:13
Fathom AZEDIA ?:??
Filthy Habit AZEDIA 4:38
Filthy Habit (Iceforge remix) AZEDIA 6:56
Filthy Habit (KAPTIN remix) AZEDIA 4:12
Filthy Habit (Souljackerz remix) AZEDIA 6:13
Honest AZEDIA 5:37
How Does It Make You Feel AZEDIA 5:09
Kabuki AZEDIA ?:??
Leith Blur AZEDIA 7:07
Leviathan AZEDIA 6:28
Life Goes On AZEDIA 5:00
Loved Again AZEDIA 3:46
Loved Again AZEDIA 3:45
Moonrise Keeno feat. AZEDIA 6:49
Precipitate AZEDIA 5:44
Precipitate AZEDIA ?:??
Ra AZEDIA 4:37
Remain as You Are AZEDIA 6:03
Requiem for the New World AZEDIA 10:10
Requiem for the New World (orchestral mix) AZEDIA 10:06
Skyfall (Azedia Remix) Azedia 5:07
Skyfall (AZEDIA remix) AZEDIA 5:07
Solar Mix AZEDIA 35:14
Something AZEDIA feat. Moonflwr ?:??
The Hole AZEDIA feat. Moonflwr ?:??
The Mist AZEDIA feat. Sean Michael Smith ?:??
Thunder & Lightning AZEDIA 4:06

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