Name ISRCs Rating Length
Actress (Louise Brooks Theme) 4:41
All Around 5:05
Chimére 4:38
Desire Mistress 4:45
Desire Mistress (Ap remix by Automatic Panic) 3:57
Desire Mistress (remix by Gender) 4:42
Douce Nuit 4:10
Heaven 4:44
Heaven (remix by Millimetric) 4:54
Heaven (reworked by Dynamic Master vs. Marysa) 5:01
J Dream 4:13
J Dream (Jesus Rock the Beat mix by Code Machine) 4:43
Kleiderpuppe (Mannequin German edit) 4:16
La Fille (Mädchen mix) 5:12
La Fille (Mädchen remix by Equatronic) 5:12
Mannequin (1980 mix Radical by the Automatons) 4:08
Mannequin (F.D.E. remix by Chinese Theatre) 3:19
Mathilde 5:02
Mathilde (Etre Enfin Aimée) 5:02
Mathilde (Mister Karpe remix by Digital Dream) 3:11
Mathilde (Twisted Nerve Re-cut by Ellectrika) 6:21
Shadows 4:23
Shadows (Dark-Shadows remix by Foretaste) 6:17
Shadows (Elmodic P-Ratio remix) 4:54
Shadows (Epic club mix by People Theatre) 6:01
Shadows (Holy Love long mix) 7:21
Shadows (Sci-Fi Italo disco Glam remix by The 3 Coldmen) 6:23
Steel City (Glasgow's remix by Hoboken) 6:10
Steel City (Mallinder Theme remix) 5:01
The Killer's Kiss (SK Film remix) 5:38
The Perfect Way 5:36
The Perfect Way (Italo remix by Project Alphastyle) 4:18
Turn Me On 5:11
Turn Me On (An Eloquent mix by Tristraum) 4:49
Your Dress (Last Train's remix) 5:50
Your Face in My Brain 5:58

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