Daedelus (US electronic musician)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Quiet Now (feat. Busdriver) Daedelus 3:32
Quiet Now (feat. Busdriver) Daedelus 3:32
Rabbit Ears Daedelus 2:04
Raffle Ticket Blues Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 4:06
Ready the End Daedelus US25X0800105 2:02
Red-Tail & Peregrine Daedelus 4:48
Red-Tail & Perigrin Daedelus 4:48
Remix of Everything Daedelus 3:17
Remix of Nothing Daedelus US25X0606703 4:04
Rest in Peace Daedelus US25X0800113 3:44
Robotic Girls Are Hard Daedelus 3:59
Romantic Music Daedelus 3:25
Rounds Kneebody + Daedelus 4:11
Samba Grandly Daedelus US25X0800104 1:50
Samba Legrand Daedelus 5:49
Samba Legrand Daedelus 2:47
Sawtooth EKG Daedelus 2:53
Sawtooth EKG Daedelus 2:53
Say Yes Daedelus US25X0800109 3:25
Scaling Snowdon Daedelus 4:14
Setting Out Daedelus feat. Amir Yaghmai 4:00
Sevastopol Daedelus 2:11
Sew Darn Mend Daedelus 4:15
Shake Vigorously Daedelus US25X0800114 2:08
Shape Axed From the Backdrop of Shape (Phthalocyanine remix) Daedelus 8:09
Shinkansen Daedelus 2:44
Shot and Shell Daedelus 1:52
Sleep Standing Up Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:29
Sleep Stasis AmmonContact feat. Daedelus 1:08
Slowercase D Daedelus 6:15
Snooze Button Daedelus 3:26
Snowed In Daedelus 2:43
Something Bells Daedelus 5:03
Something Bells Daedelus ?:??
Something Bells (feat. Busdriver & Pigeon John) Daedelus 4:55
Something Bells (instrumental) Daedelus 5:02
Something Bells (Omid remix) Daedelus 3:31
Soul of a Child Busdriver meets Daedelus 4:38
Soulful of Child Daedelus 2:07
Special Re: Quest Daedelus 3:35
Speeds Daedelus 3:29
Spring Mochipet feat. Daedelus 3:42
Stampede Me (feat. Amir Yaghmai) Daedelus 4:21
Stepping Razors Daedelus 0:45
Strange Days Daedelus 2:05
Succumbing To (feat. Kid A) Daedelus 2:56
Suit Yourself Daedelus 3:35
Sundown Daedelus 3:18
Sundown Daedelus 3:19
Sundown Daedelus 3:16
Sundown Daedelus 2:57
Sundown Daedelus 3:20
Sundown (Dark Party remix) Daedelus 6:37
Sundown (Dark Party remix) Daedelus 6:42
Sundown (Diplo remix) Daedelus 5:19
Sundown (Diplo remix) Daedelus 5:23
Sundown (Lulu Mushi remix) Daedelus 3:21
Sundown (Lulu Mushi remix) Daedelus 3:21
Sunrise Daedelus 2:56
Sunrise Daedelus 2:56
Super Eagles & Black Stars Ammon Contact feat. Daedelus 4:24
Swingers (Pool Man version) Busdriver meets Daedelus 2:36
Tailor-Made Daedelus with Milosh 4:40
Tailor-Made (Floating Points remix) Daedelus 7:28
Tailor-Made (instrumental) Daedelus 4:42
Tailor-Made (Sepalcure remix) Daedelus 4:49
Tailor-Made (Tokimonsta instrumental) Daedelus 4:13
Tailor-Made (Tokimonsta remix) Daedelus 4:15
Taken' Liberty Daedelus 6:16
Taking Wing Daedelus 1:58
Telling Meaning Daedelus 3:40
Thanatopsis Daedelus feat. Hrishikesh Hirway 3:21
Thanatopsis (feat. Hrishikesh Hirway) Daedelus 5:20
The Age of Aquariums Daedelus & Frosty 2:55
The Beat Laid Bare Daedelus 2:56
The Brazilianaire Daedelus 2:17
The Crippled Hand Daedelus 6:26
The Finishing of a Thing Daedelus 1:43
The Hole Kneebody + Daedelus 3:57
The Now Silent Streets Daedelus 2:47
The Open Hand Avows Daedelus 2:43
The Taste of Bitter Almonds Daedelus 3:07
The Third Degree Daedelus 2:53
The Trains Are Now So Clean Daedelus 1:06
The Victory of the Echo Over the Voice Daedelus 2:15
The Weather's Secret Service Daedelus 2:26
They Are We Kneebody + Daedelus 4:37
Thick Enough Busdriver feat. Daedelus 4:34
Thought Not Kneebody + Daedelus 7:01
Thousand Words Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 7:00
Thus the Whirligig Daedelus 2:37
Thus the Whirlygig Busdriver meets Daedelus 4:26
Tidal Waves Uprising Daedelus 1:32
Tiptoes Daedelus 4:36
Tiptoes Daedelus 4:36
Too Cold (Sa-Ra remix) Roots Manuva feat. Sa-Ra, Wood Harris & Daedelus 3:37
Too Cold (Sa-Ra remix) Roots Manuva feat. Sa-Ra, Wood Harris & Daedelus 3:52
Touch of Spring Busdriver meets Daedelus 2:11
Touchstone Daedelus ?:??
Touchstone (Instrumental) Daedelus ?:??

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