Daedelus (US electronic musician)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Dumfound Daedelus ?:??
Early Hours Daedelus 2:23
El Subidon Daedelus 4:31
Elegy (at Last) Daedelus 3:51
Endless Sea Daedelus 4:21
Escape Artist Daedelus 3:56
Eulogy for an Uncommon Man Daedelus 4:45
Eureka Daedelus 3:30
Eureka Daedelus 3:30
Exaggerated Joy Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 3:08
Exp. Daedelus 1:27
Experience Daedelus 2:07
Experience Accordion Daedelus & Madvillain ?:??
Exploit of a Squarepusher Daedelus 2:03
FACT Mix 331: Daedelus Daedelus 57:13
Fair Weather Friends Daedelus GBCFB0701200 3:08
Fair Weather Friends Daedelus 3:06
Fair Weather Friends Daedelus 3:04
Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set remix) Daedelus 7:23
Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset) Daedelus 4:21
Fair Weathered Friends (The Death Set Reset) Daedelus ?:??
Fairweather Friend Daedelus 3:08
Fairweather Friends (part of 1000 Masks Mix DJ-mix) Daedelus 1:24
Fallen Love Daedelus 2:33
Fallen Love Daedelus 2:28
Fates Say Daedelus 2:18
Femme Fatale Daedelus 2:55
Fin Daedelus 3:42
Fin de siècle Daedelus 2:49
Fine for a Robot Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 4:45
Fizzing Energy Drink Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 0:24
Flat Faded Daedelus 3:38
Flat Faded Daedelus 3:38
Flesh Glove Busdriver feat. Daedelus 3:02
Flying Sail Daedelus feat. Computer Jay 5:35
For Withered Friends Daedelus 3:04
For Withered Friends (Sonshine radio version) Daedelus 2:59
Freeze Frame Credits Daedelus 2:40
French Cuffs Daedelus with Baths 3:40
Frission Daedelus 5:18
Frisson Daedelus 5:18
Fstab (Gerald Wenzel remix) Daedelus 1:07
Germs That May Cause the Following Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:42
Get Off Your Hi-Hats Daedelus 4:51
Get off Your HiHats Daedelus 4:53
Get the Door Daedelus US25X0800112 3:13
Girl/Boy as Performed by Selkirk Retard Orchestra for the Daughters of Asexual Lithium Addicts (Venetian Snares remix) Daedelus 4:03
Girls Daedelus ?:??
Girls Daedelus ?:??
Girls (feat. Abstract Rude and Busdriver) Daedelus 3:40
Girls (Nstrmntl) Daedelus 3:40
Gloomy Daze Cast-Aways Daedelus 3:12
Glorified Hype Man Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 3:35
Going Incognito Daedelus 2:47
Going Unsteady Daedelus 3:11
Greatly Exaggerated, Our Demise Daedelus 3:44
Green Frosting Daedelus 2:08
Gutteral Daedelus 6:37
Happily Ever After (Future Roots mix) Daedelus 51:00
Hardly Hip-Hop Daedelus 2:23
He Never Lost His Old School Daedelus 4:30
Her Veracaty Daedelus 4:05
Hermitage Daedelus 3:41
Hiraethus Daedelus 1:51
Hold Sway Daedelus 6:01
Home Kneebody + Daedelus 5:43
Hope for the Best Daedelus US25X0800115 1:41
Hrs Mins Secs (Shuttle mix) Daedelus 4:41
Hrs:Mins:Secs Daedelus 3:37
Hrs:Mins:Secs Daedelus 3:37
Hrs:Mins:Secs (Etan's Greenwich Mean Report) Daedelus 4:41
Humdrum Headspin Daedelus US25X0606705 4:38
I Car(ry) Us Daedelus 3:29
I Don't Like You (Libythth remix) Daedelus 4:39
I Sent Off ii Sus Percoll (Jogger remix) Daedelus 4:46
I Took Two Daedelus 3:24
I Took Two Daedelus 3:22
I Would Die for You (Prince) Daedelus 4:23
If I Fail Daedelus 2:43
If We Should Daedelus feat. Laura Darling 4:11
If We Should (feat. Laura Darling) Daedelus 4:11
Impending Doom Daedelus 2:19
Impending Doom (a cappella) Daedelus 0:56
Impending Doom (Domu remix) Daedelus 6:01
Impending Doom (Domu remix) Daedelus ?:??
Impending Doom (Domu remix) Daedelus 5:58
Impending Doom (Rustie remix) Daedelus 2:09
Impulse The Gaslamp Killer x Daedelus ?:??
Impulse The Gaslamp Killer feat. Daedelus 3:34
Impulse (Free the Robots remix) The Gaslamp Killer x Daedelus ?:??
In Tatters Daedelus with Kelela Mizanekristos 3:18
In Your Hands Daedelus feat. Busdriver & Mousey McGlynn 4:24
Intro Busdriver meets Daedelus 0:37
Irresistible/Impulse Daedelus 4:30
It's Madness Daedelus US25X0606702 2:23
Ive Made Electro Mist Daedelus 2:09
Just Briefly Daedelus 3:16
Just Briefly Daedelus 3:12
Just Briefly Daedelus 3:14
Just Briefly Daedelus ?:??

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