Forma Tadre

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legal name: Andreas Meyer (German electronic music artist, aka Forma Tadre)
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Date Title Artist Length
Navigator Forma Tadre
Navigator Forma Tadre
Navigator Forma Tadre
Navigator Forma Tadre
Damage (Forma Tadre version) Edge of Dawn 5:42
Depths (Forma Tadre remix) Haujobb 5:16
Document (Forma Tadre remix) Assemblage 23 4:24
Dream Aid (Different Species) Haujobb 4:36
Ich will dich (Forma Tadre remix) :wumpscut: 7:58
Ich will dich (remix by Forma Tadre) :wumpscut: 7:45
L'oasis (Reconstructed by Haujobb and Forma Tadre) La Floa Maldita 5:38
Net Culture (File Operation Error) Haujobb 4:00
No Going Back (Forma Tadre remix) Lionhearts 4:21
Penetration (Forma Tadre remix) Haujobb 5:20
Totmacher (Forma Tadre remix) :wumpscut: ?:??
Totmacher (remix by Forma Tadre) :wumpscut: 5:06
Totmacher (remix by Forma Tadre) :wumpscut: 5:23
Xenomorph (Forma Tadre mix) New Mind 5:35