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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Sculpture of The Dead 5:01
Shivers Down Your Broken Spine 5:12
Sixteen and Dead 6:38
Slay and Grind 3:42
So Sweet, So Dead* 3:05
Stab and Hack 3:25
Stairway to Hell 1:15
Straight Razor / Injected by Filth 4:53
Strip Nude for Your Killer 5:32
Struck by a Murderous Siege 3:32
Suffering, the Sweet Suffering 4:36
Symphony Of Screams 4:17
The Bowels of My Dismay 2:05
The Deviant Dead 3:41
The Frail Illusion of Osteology 4:57
The Killer Wore Black Gloves 4:15
Thrill Kill 2:12
Through the Realm of Torture 2:26
Torture, Rape, Cum and Kill 3:12
Torture, Rape, Cum and Kill 3:11
Torure, Rape, Cum and Kill 3:10
Toy Box Torture Chamber 5:35
Undead Instrument by Grim Ascendancy 5:12
Unleash My Hunger 2:50
Watch Me When I Kill 3:55
Watch Me When I Kill 3:56
We Lure and Abduct 3:14
With the Silence Came Horror 4:18
Workshed Slaughter 3:14

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