Chubby Wolf (ambient drone)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Wispy Tear 5:09
An Alarm Bell, or the Ringing of It 2:45
Anneal This Cord of Bliss 3:54
Anti-Body Library 9:46
As Close as Anyone 2:31
Barefoot in Head's Hallways 3:49
Bedside Manor 4:37
Before We Get to Grinding 2:34
Blind Studies of the Eclat 1:18
Blocking Dead Ends 5:27
Bubbles of Know 4:30
Deeper and the Damage From 2:18
Desire to Be Desired 4:49
Die Unendliche Geschichte 3:57
Existence Is Both a Horizon and an Indictment 6:05
Feigned Indifference 1:33
Flurries of Pins 2:29
Free Time Spent Dreading the Inevitables, Soaring in Availables, Wording the Operatives 6:11
Golems Caving in to Rebels 3:48
Great Expectations 4:42
Gumball 5:31
If You Love Me... 5:06
Inverted Windows 3:13
Lay the Voice to Rest, Dear Mist 9:06
Melting Upwards 1:22
Mustered Mustard 3:11
My Intermediary 2:48
Oh, and How It Was Stunning; Writhing 8:36
On Burnt, Gauzed Wings 47:52
Perceptual Constancy of Ripples 17:25
Phantasmagoria of Nothingness (Prey to Our Emotions) 48:05
Prelude to a Come-On 4:21
Pull My Strings Like You Pull My Hair 5:31
Seasick 40:52
The Most Contrived and Privy to Sense 6:15
The Post-Coital Sigh (It's a Brutal Solipsism, Baby!) 2:09
The Reflection Off a Pond 7:15
The Weak Version 7:37
Toy Pianos Underwater 5:39
Unnerved Rains 7:30
Vintage Night 5:36
We Smoke and Erupt 3:11
What Keeps Us From Serenity? Desire! 2:56
Worth Your Weight in Wind 4:13
You Are the Description That Brings Me Out of Myself... But Cannot Give Me Anywhere to Go 2:56
You, My Luminary 1:19

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