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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Soul Down (album version) LoSoul 4:03
Sunbeams and the Rain LoSoul 7:25
Sunbeams and the Rain LoSoul 7:24
Sunlite LoSoul ?:??
Sunlite LoSoul ?:??
Synchro LoSoul 4:45
Synchro LoSoul ?:??
Tango Acido LoSoul 7:20
Taste Not Waste LoSoul 9:55
Taste Not Waste LoSoul 9:54
The Crush LoSoul ?:??
The Crush LoSoul 6:49
The Lords of Sanity LoSoul ?:??
The Lords Of Sanity LoSoul 7:18
The Lords Of Sanity (Luke Solomon remix) LoSoul 7:53
The Number LoSoul feat. ThisTime 10:07
Time.. Passes LoSoul feat. Fadila 9:42
Time.. Passes (Dyed Soundorom's Code Quantum remix) LoSoul feat. Fadila 7:43
To Last LoSoul ?:??
To Last LoSoul 9:39
Track Of The Night (Losoul edit) International Pony vs LoSoul ?:??
Trust LoSoul 2:54
Trust LoSoul 2:53
Under LoSoul ?:??
Under LoSoul 1:43
Up the Beach LoSoul ?:??
Up The Beach LoSoul 7:47
Up The Beach (Altered Vibe mix by Brothers' Vibe) LoSoul 7:35
Up The Beach (Soul Phiction remix) LoSoul ?:??
Vacuum Stance LoSoul ?:??
Vacuum Stance (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix) LoSoul ?:??
Warriors LoSoul & Malte 8:29
Warriors (Jam) LoSoul 5:50
Warriors (Jam) (part of a “Partysan Mx Series, #02” DJ-mix) LoSoul 5:03
Warriors (Jam) (feat. Malte) LoSoul 5:52
Warriors (Rock) (feat. Malte) LoSoul 3:35
West Side Horn LoSoul feat. ThisTime 7:24
What The ..? International Pony vs LoSoul ?:??
You Can Do LoSoul 4:54
You Can Do LoSoul 6:44
You Can Do LoSoul 6:41
You Can Do LoSoul 6:42
You Give Me Fever Lo Soul 2:30
You Know (Down Dry dub) LoSoul 8:17
You Know (feat. Malte) LoSoul 4:15
You Know (feat. Malte) LoSoul 6:42
You Know (feat. Malte) LoSoul 9:44
You Know (feat. Malte) (SuperMayer remix) (part of a “Kreucht & Fleucht” DJ‐mix) LoSoul 6:58
You Know (long version) LoSoul feat. Malte 9:25
You Know (long version) LoSoul 9:25
You Know (Supermayer remix) LoSoul 8:51
Zuma LoSoul ?:??

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