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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Remote Control Distain! 4:29
Remote Control !distain 4:30
Remote Control Distain! 4:30
Remote Control (Backing Vox mix) Distain! 4:25
Remote Control (remixed by Freddy Hajas) !distain 4:42
Rosa Blania Distain! 5:23
Rosa Blania (instrumental) Distain! 3:12
Row Your Boat Distain! 5:10
Sandra’s Song (instrumental demo) !distain 4:52
Science Can't Be Crime Distain! 7:40
Second Coming !distain 5:56
Second Coming (club mix by Remi Janotta) !distain 6:46
Second Coming (demo) !distain 4:52
Second Coming (demo) !distain 4:51
Second Coming (People Theatre remix) !distain 5:53
Second Coming (remi janotta clubmix) Distain! 6:54
Sex'n'cross !distain 5:18
Sex'n'Cross Distain! 5:32
Sex'n'Cross (!distain single mix) !distain 4:01
Sex'n'Cross (7" edit) Distain! 3:49
Sex'n'Cross (Chur-Chill mix) !distain DEM520300036 3:58
Sex'n'Cross (club mix) !distain DEM520300033 5:38
Sex'n'Cross (Memphis mix) !distain DEM520300035 6:15
Sex'n'Cross (Obsession mix) !distain DEM520300034 5:20
Sex'n'Cross (single edit) !distain DEM520300032 3:50
Sex'n'Cross (single edit) !distain 3:49
Sex’n’Cross (Hajas Universal mix) Distain! ?:??
Shadow of Myself Distain! 4:31
Shadows of the Past Distain! 4:10
She's Gone Distain! DEM529900015 3:43
She's Lost Control (demo) !distain 3:53
She's Lost Control (demo) !distain 3:53
Sincerity Distain! 3:55
Sincerity (remixed by M.Thomaser, C.Obermaier & O.Faig) !distain 5:14
Slave Distain! 4:43
Smells Like Teen Spirit Distain! 5:27
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Instrumental) Distain! 5:56
Solaris (instrumental) !distain 0:59
Soldiers Distain! 4:07
Soldiers Distain! 4:04
Soldiers (demo) !distain 3:42
Space09 (demo) !distain 3:24
Strange Affection Distain! 4:21
Strange Affection Distain! 4:21
Strange Affection Distain! 4:20
Strange Affection !distain 4:19
Strange Affection (demo) !distain 4:19
Strange Affection (remixed by Chinese Theatre) !distain 5:37
Strong !distain 3:32
Suitcase-Man !distain feat. Elmodic 4:31
Summer '84 Distain! 4:40
SynthPopGirl !distain 4:09
SynthPopGirl !distain 4:05
Synthpopgirl (instrumental) !distain 4:06
Talking Dead WANT/ed feat. Distain! 4:00
Talking Dead (DJ Oren Amram remix) WANT/ed feat. !distain 4:04
Talking Dead (DJ Oren Amram reprise Zombie remix) WANT/ed feat. !distain 4:28
Talking Dead (extended aluminum mix) WANT/ed feat. !distain 5:53
Talking Dead (extended version) WANT/ed feat. !distain 6:18
Talking Dead (people theatre's digger mix) WANT/ed feat. !distain 3:48
Talking Dead (single version) WANT/ed feat. !distain 4:00
Tears of Joy Distain! 3:35
Tears of Joy (Chill Out mix) Distain! DEM529900017 3:59
Tears of Joy (club mix #1) Distain! DEM529900014 3:55
Tears of Joy (Gareth Jones club mix) Distain! 3:59
Tears of Joy (radio mix) Distain! 3:11
Tears of Joy (radio mix) Distain! 3:11
Tears of Joy (radio mix) Distain! DEM529900013 3:09
Tears of Joy (radio mix) !distain 3:09
Tears of Joy (remixed by a Modern Effigy) !distain 4:44
The 6th Floor !distain feat. Seyhan 4:05
The 6th Floor (instrumental demo) !distain 3:17
The 6th Floor (People Theatre remix) !distain 5:39
The 6th Floor (Slowmotion mix by Remi Janotta) !distain 4:13
The Boss (original version) !distain DEM520300037 3:09
The City !distain 3:57
The City 2009 (instrumental) !distain 4:41
The City II !distain feat. Tania Murray 5:01
The City II (edit) !distain 3:39
The City II (instrumental) !distain 6:18
The FLA !distain 3:14
The FLA !distain vs. Rotersand 5:38
The FLA (Exilanation mix) !distain 4:57
The FLA (Exilanation remix) Distain! 4:55
The FLA (instrumental demo) !distain 3:13
The FLA (Peter Rainman original Turned on mix) !distain 3:39
The FLA (Peter Rainman Turned on mix) !distain 5:41
The FLA (ReActivate mix) !distain 4:09
The FLA (Sonic Decoy mix) !distain 4:49
The League !distain feat. Henrik Iversen 4:55
The One Man Crowd Noise (V 1+1) WANT/ed feat. !distain 5:20
The White Shadow (demo) !distain 2:08
Time (demo) !distain 3:37
Together !distain 4:01
Together (demo) !distain 3:49
Together (People Theatre remix) !distain 4:59
Too Many Walls !distain 3:54
Too Many Walls (demo) !distain 3:41
Typical B-Side (original demo) !distain 2:14
Values of Trust !distain 4:32

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