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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
History Forecast (Peter Rainman Time Code mix) Chinese Theatre feat. !distain 4:37
History Forecast (Peter Rainman Time Code remix) Chinese Theatre feat. !distain 6:50
Hole in the Moon !distain feat. Sonictune / Elephant & Castle 4:39
Hole in the Moon (Deak Ferance remix) !distain 5:23
Hole in the Moon (instrumental) !distain 4:41
Hurt !distain 4:36
I Beg for You Distain! 3:59
I Beg for You Distain! 3:58
I Beg for You (Backing Vox mix) Distain! 4:49
I Beg for You (remixed by Arsine Tide) !distain 5:02
I Want You !distain 3:30
Infinity Distain! 5:01
Infinity Distain! ?:??
Infinity (instrumental) Distain! 4:32
Infinity (remixed by Nonpopale) !distain 4:35
Inquisition !distain feat. Sara Noxx 3:51
Inquisition (instrumental) !distain 3:50
It's Over Distain! 6:15
Just a Guy (demo) Distain! 4:13
Keep My Illusion Distain! 4:18
Lighthouse Over the Horizon !distain 4:39
Lighthouse Over the Horizon (instrumental) !distain 4:38
Lighthouse Over the Horizon (People Theatre's Key mix) !distain 6:06
Like the Tides Distain! 4:10
Like the Tides (demo) Distain! 4:08
Lost Track (instrumental demo) !distain 3:44
Love Machine !distain 3:27
Love Machine (instrumental) !distain 3:27
Love Song (instrumental) !distain 2:47
Love Song (vocal demo) !distain 3:19
Mandragore !distain 3:50
Mandragore !distain 3:51
Mandragore !distain 3:48
Mandragore (demo) !distain 3:46
Mandragore (Hajas mix) !distain 4:05
Mandragore (instrumental) !distain 3:51
Mandragore (instrumental) !distain 3:49
Mandragore (Peter Rainman High Hopes mix) !distain 5:16
Mandragore (Silica Gel mix) !distain 4:56
Masts of Sorrow !distain 3:50
Mediaeval Presence !distain 4:39
Mein Weg !distain 4:31
Mein Weg (demo) !distain 4:29
Mein Weg (Elektrostaub) !distain 4:21
Metal Rules !distain 5:09
Monokultur !distain feat. Rick Prokein 4:09
Monokultur (demo) !distain 4:18
Morning History (Previously Unreleased and Exclusive Track) !distain 8:08
My God !distain 4:53
My Room (Demo) Distain! 3:32
Neighbours Distain! 3:22
Neongod Distain! 13:18
Never Virtual Server feat. !distain 3:45
Never !distain feat. Virtual Server 3:44
Never (Babymax remix) !distain 7:16
Never (instrumental) !distain 3:43
Nights in White Satin !distain 3:44
Nights in White Satin (demo) !distain 3:44
No Excuse Distain! DEM529900016 3:29
No Gravity (instrumental) Distain! 4:56
No One Is to Lead !distain 4:02
No One Is to Lead (demo) !distain 4:00
Perfect Moment (demo) !distain 2:46
Phantom Lover (demo) !distain 4:14
Piano Song (demo) !distain 4:06
Piano Song (Unplugged) Distain! 4:10
Pop Song !distain 2:59
Pop-Song (instrumental demo) !distain 2:46
Pornogirl Distain! 3:38
Pray for Me Mental Discipline feat. !distain 5:54
Pray for Me Mental Discipline feat. !distain 5:40
Pray for Me (Island Chord remix) Mental Discipline feat. !distain 6:51
Promises Distain! 4:34
Promises Distain! 4:36
Promises (remixed by Dreambox) !distain 4:21
Rainbow Skies at Night !distain 4:48
Recruit My Soul !distain 3:19
Recruit My Soul (instrumental) !distain 3:17
Reincarnation !distain feat. Seyhan 4:30
Reincarnation (instrumental) !distain 4:44
Remote Control Distain! 4:31
Remote Control Distain! 4:29
Remote Control !distain 4:30
Remote Control Distain! 4:30
Remote Control (Backing Vox mix) Distain! 4:25
Remote Control (remixed by Freddy Hajas) !distain 4:42
Rosa Blania Distain! 5:23
Rosa Blania (instrumental) Distain! 3:12
Row Your Boat Distain! 5:10
Sandra’s Song (instrumental demo) !distain 4:52
Science Can't Be Crime Distain! 7:40
Second Coming !distain 5:56
Second Coming (demo) !distain 4:52
Second Coming (remi janotta clubmix) Distain! 6:54
Sex'n'cross !distain 5:18
Sex'n'Cross Distain! 5:32
Sex'n'Cross (!distain single mix) !distain 4:01
Sex'n'Cross (7" edit) Distain! 3:49
Sex'n'Cross (Chur-Chill mix) !distain DEM520300036 3:58
Sex'n'Cross (club mix) !distain DEM520300033 5:38

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