Papa Roach

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Time and Time Again (alternative version) 3:11
Time Is Running Out USUM70605355 3:23
Time Is Running Out (live, 2009-12) USDPK1078011 3:57
To Be Loved 3:01
To Be Loved (edit) 2:35
To Be Loved (edited) 3:04
To Be Loved (explicit) 3:03
Traumatic 2:48
Tyranny of Normality USDW10400816 3 2:40
Walking Dead USDPK1266012 3:18
Walking Through Barbed Wire 2:59
Walking Thru Barbed Wire USDW10200127 3:05
War Over Me USDPK1400257
Warriors 2:56
Warriors USDPK1400259
What Do You Do? USUM70605356 4:22
What Do You Do? 4:19
What's Left of Me USDPK1266017 2:59
Where Did the Angels Go USDPK1266004 3:10
Wish You Never Met Me USDPK1266007 4:06
Won’t Let Up USDPK1266013 4:00
Wrestling With Demons 10:18
You Gotta Want It 3:39

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