Name ISRCs Rating Length
Cawdon Fair Strathspey/Mary MacDonald's (Mair Alasdair Raonuill) Reel/Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's Reel/Traditional Reel 2:50
Chi Mi 'N Geamhradh (I See the Winter) 3:17
Darkest Winter 2:51
Eilidh 3:36
Fear A 'Bhàta (The Boatman) 4:43
Gràdh Geal Mo Chrìdh' (Fair Love of my Heart) 4:36
Greenwood Side 6:52
Hi Horò 'S Na Hòro Éile 4:52
In Night's Deep Silence 2:28
Lantern Burn 4:25
Lantern Burn 4:23
Long for the Sea 4:31
Nighean Donn À Chùil Réidh (Brown-Haired Maiden of the Smooth Tresses) 3:03
Oran Luathaidh/Rannie MacLellan's Jig/McInerney's Fancy Jig 3:42
Sarah 2:45
The Wreck of the Athens Queen 3:21
Tiny Fish for Japan (live, 1995-04-23/24: Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Halifax, NS, Canada) 3:44
Tiree Love Song 3:29
Western Highway 3:37

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