Bruno Coulais

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Who Is This? 2:21
Wybie 2:07
Wybie 2:47
Wybie and Coraline 2:14
Wybie End 1:50
Wybie That Talks 2:09
Wybie That Talks 2:16
Yâ Habîba L-Qalbi (Ô aimé de mon cœur) 6:04
Yâ Man (Ô celui)—Invocation 2:10
Yellow FR3V90500007 4:20
You are my Dessert Tonight FR3V90500016 1:58
You Are Not 0:49
You Are the New Guardian 2:04
You Disappear FRT450000010 5:47
You Have to Trust Me 0:57
You Know I Love You 4:27
You Know I Love You 4:33
You Will Be Safe 1:24
Your Home 1:55

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