Thomas Indermühle (oboist and conductor)

~ Person



1989Concerto KV 314, Concerto KV 313, Sinfonia Concertante KV 297bWolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Thomas Indermühle, English Chamber Orchestra, Leopold Hager1
2001Concertos for Violin, Violoncello, Oboe, Organ and ClavicembaloVivaldi; I Solisti di Perugia, Thomas Indermühle, Paolo Franceschini, Luca Arcese, Claudio Brizi, Siegfried Pank1
2002Vivaldi: Complete Oboe ConcertosAntonio Vivaldi; Thomas Indermühle, Claudio Brizi & I Solisti di Perugia1
2004Chamber MusicVivaldi; Thomas Indermühle, Mario Ancillotti, Paolo Franceschini, Wolfgang Meyer, Milan Turković, Claudio Brizi, I Solisti di Perugia1
20066 Oboe ConcertosLudwig August Lebrun; Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Toomas Vavilov, Thomas Indermühle1
2008Romantic Oboe ConcertosEstonian National Symphony Orchestra, Milan Turković, Thomas Indermühle1
2011Romantic PearlsEstonian National Symphony Orchestra, Milan Turković, Thomas Indermühle1
2013Les Nations - Sonades, et Suites de Simphonies en TrioFrançois Couperin; Thomas Indermühle, Jacques Tys, David Tomas, Clara Rada Gómez, Rumiko Harada1

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