Lynyrd Skynyrd is an American Southern rock band, described by All Music Guide's Stephen Thomas Erlewine as "the definitive Southern rock band, fusing the overdriven power of blues-rock with a rebellious, Southern image and a hard rock swagger."

The band reached prominence during the 1970s, under the leadership of vocalist and primary songwriter Ronnie Van Zant, until his death in 1977.

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1973(pronounced ’lĕh-’nérd ’skin-’nérd)Lynyrd Skynyrd4.416
1974Second HelpingLynyrd Skynyrd4.215
1975Nuthin’ FancyLynyrd Skynyrd3.758
1976Gimme Back My BulletsLynyrd Skynyrd3.8514
1977Street SurvivorsLynyrd Skynyrd410
19911991Lynyrd Skynyrd3.24
1993The Last RebelLynyrd Skynyrd3.352
1994Endangered SpeciesLynyrd Skynyrd3.655
1997TwentyLynyrd Skynyrd3.253
1999Edge of ForeverLynyrd Skynyrd32
2000Christmas Time AgainLynyrd Skynyrd23
2003Vicious CycleLynyrd Skynyrd2.54
2009God & GunsLynyrd Skynyrd3.656
2012Last of a Dyin’ BreedLynyrd Skynyrd3.657
2023FYFTYLynyrd Skynyrd1

Album + Compilation

1978Skynyrd’s First and… LastLynyrd Skynyrd3
1979Gold & PlatinumLynyrd Skynyrd4.57
1987Best of the RestLynyrd Skynyrd1
1987LegendLynyrd Skynyrd1
1987What's Your NameLynyrd Skynyrd2
1989Skynyrd's Innyrds: Their Greatest HitsLynyrd Skynyrd2.656
1991The Definitive Lynyrd Skynyrd CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd41
1993A RetrospectiveLynyrd Skynyrd2
1993The Best of Lynynd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd1
1994Free Bird... The Very BestLynyrd Skynyrd2
1994Legends of Rock: The Best of Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd1
1997Old Time GreatsLynyrd Skynyrd22
1997Sweet Home AlabamaLynyrd Skynyrd1
1997Sweet Home Alabama - BestLynyrd Skynyrd1
1998The Essential Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd6
1998Extended Versions: The Encore CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd2.51
1998Skynyrd's First: The Complete Muscle Shoals AlbumLynyrd Skynyrd4.651
1998Classic SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd1
1998Southern RockLynyrd Skynyrd1
199920th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd52
2000All Time Greatest HitsLynyrd Skynyrd53
2000Then and NowLynyrd Skynyrd2
2000Double TroubleLynyrd Skynyrd1
2000Classic Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd1
2000CollectyblesLynyrd Skynyrd51
2001The CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2002ChristmasLynyrd Skynyrd / 38 Special1
2002Turn It Up!Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2003Thyrty: 30th Anniversary CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd11
2005Then and Now, Volume 2Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2005Greatest HitsLynyrd Skynyrd2
2005ChroniclesLynyrd Skynyrd1
2005Poison WhiskeyLynyrd Skynyrd51
2006FamilyLynyrd Skynyrd3
2006The CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2006The Ultimate CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2006Face to FaceLynyrd Skynyrd / Van Zant1
2007Sounds of the South: MCA Years 1973-1988Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2007Collector's EditionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2007Rock LegendsLynyrd Skynyrd31
2008Green Series: The Best of Lynyrd SkynyrdLynyrd Skynyrd1
2008Colour CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2008FavoritesLynyrd Skynyrd1
2008The Complete CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2008Greatest HitsLynyrd Skynyrd1
2008Playlist + PlusLynyrd Skynyrd1
2009Legends of RockLynyrd Skynyrd1
2009Star-ClubLynyrd Skynyrd1
2010IconLynyrd Skynyrd2
2010Icon 2Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2010Best OfLynyrd Skynyrd2
2010Sweet Home Alabama - The Best OfLynyrd Skynyrd1
20115 Original AlbumsLynyrd Skynyrd1
2011Skynyrd NationLynyrd Skynyrd1
2012Southern Surroundings: The Ultimate Skynyrd CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2013The Lynyrd Skynyrd CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2014EssentialLynyrd Skynyrd1
2014Free Bird: The Essential CollectionLynyrd Skynyrd1
2015Southern SurroundingsLynyrd Skynyrd1
2018CollectedLynyrd Skynyrd2
2018Skynyrd NationLynyrd Skynyrd1
2021Nothing Comes Easy 1991–2012Lynyrd Skynyrd2
2021The Damage DoneLynyrd Skynyrd1

Album + Compilation + Live

2015Pronounced ‘Lĕh-nérd ‘Skin-nérd & Second Helping: Live from Jacksonville at the Florida TheatreLynyrd Skynyrd2

Album + Live

1976One More From the RoadLynyrd Skynyrd414
1988Southern by the Grace of God: Tribute Tour 1987Lynyrd Skynyrd24
1992You Got That Right!Lynyrd Skynyrd2
1995King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Lynyrd Skynyrd in ConcertLynyrd Skynyrd3
1996Southern KnightsLynyrd Skynyrd21
1996Freebird: The MovieLynyrd Skynyrd42
1998Lyve From Steel TownLynyrd Skynyrd22
2001Yesterday and TodayLynyrd Skynyrd1
2002Double BillLynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special1
2003Lyve: The Vicious Cycle TourLynyrd Skynyrd43
2007The Best of - Lynyrd Skynyrd - LiveLynyrd Skynyrd1
2009Authorized Bootleg: Live / Winterland - San Francisco, CA 3/07/1976Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2009Authorized Bootleg: Live / Cardiff Capitol Theatre - Cardiff, Wales 11/4/1975Lynyrd Skynyrd31
2009Live From Freedom HallLynyrd Skynyrd23
2015Sweet Home Alabama - Live At Rockpalast 1996Lynyrd Skynyrd1
2015One More for the FansLynyrd Skynyrd23
2015Pronounced ‘Lĕh-nérd ‘Skin-nérd: Live From Jacksonville at the Florida TheatreLynyrd Skynyrd1
2015Second Helping: Live From Jacksonville at the Florida TheatreLynyrd Skynyrd1
2018Live in Atlantic CityLynyrd Skynyrd4
2019Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour Lyve!Lynyrd Skynyrd3
2021Live at Knebworth ’76Lynyrd Skynyrd1

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