Santos (Italian DJ/producer Sante Pucello)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Camels (Trick & Kubic remix) Santos 4:34
Camels (video cut) Santos 3:36
Camels (video cut) Santos 3:31
Camels (video cut) Santos 3:43
Camels (video edit) Santos IT00G0021023 3:36
Cat Dryer Rock (club mix) (part of “Clubmix 2007” DJ-mix) Santos 3:38
Com & Down Santos 5:21
Combination Santos 7:28
Dance With Me Brian Chundro & Santos 3:03
Deep Breath Santos ?:??
Disco Invasion Santos 5:27
Don't Play Santos 0:44
Dry (intro) Santos ?:??
Dry Intro Santos 1:27
Elecktro Santos ?:??
Elektro Santos 7:12
Experiment Santos 6:25
Fallin' On You Riva Starr & Santos 4:55
Female Santos 6:07
Female (from "Global Underground: GU Mixed") Santos 3:31
Fire Santos ?:??
Funky Virgin Santos 4:06
Gimme Da Mike Santos 3:42
Gimme da Mike (Genius Cru mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass” DJ-mix) Santos 2:47
Gimme Da Mike (Lee Coombs Acid re-rub) (Alex Dolby DJ-Mix) Santos 2:13
Gonna Get to All Santos 6:50
Gonna Get to All Santos ?:??
Hear My Soul Santos 4:00
Hear My Soul Santos 3:15
Hear My Soul Santos 4:03
Hear My Soul Santos 3:56
Hear My Soul (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2” DJ-mix) Santos 2:48
Hear My Soul (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Very Best of the Chillout Session” DJ-mix) Santos 3:37
Hold Home Santos 11:12
Hold Home (Luna City Express remix) Santos 7:45
Hold Home (Luna City Express remix) Santos 5:19
Human Decision Required Santos 5:42
I Cannot Come Back From the Space! Santos 5:33
I. W. Rock Da House Santos 1:12
I'm Not Homesick Santos 5:37
I'm Not Homesick Santos 4:58
I'm Not Homesick (Moguai remix) (Santos DJ-Mix) Santos 1:44
I'm Not Homesick (Moguai remix) (Santos DJ-Mix) Santos 5:40
I'm Not Homesick (radio edit) Santos 3:24
I've Made Progress Santos 6:49
Inmate Santos 6:38
Intimate Santos 6:35
Intimate Santos 6:37
Intimate (feat. Manuel Gottsching) Santos 6:35
Intimate (feat. Manuel Göttsching) Santos 6:37
Intro Santos 1:30
Intro Santos ?:??
It's My Beat Now (Riva Starr dub) Santos 3:22
It's My Funk Santos 4:22
Ke Dolar Santos ?:??
Ke Dolar (original mix) Santos 6:11
Ke Dolor Santos 2:29
Ke Dolor Santos 4:16
Ke Dolor (Banzai Republic mix) Santos 5:37
Ke Dolor (Banzai Republic mix) Santos & Banzai Republic 5:39
Ke dolor (Banzai Republic remix) (part of a “Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar” DJ‐mix) Santos 6:07
Ke Dolor (original mix) Santos 4:49
Ke Doror (part of a “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza 2002” DJ‐mix) Santos 4:02
La Mediana Santos 9:16
Leva-Me A Dancar (Gregor Salto Santos & Pecadores 4:46
Matinée Santos ?:??
Matinée (part of a “Balance 017: Timo Mass” DJ‐mix) Santos 5:53
Mutant Africa Timo Maas & Santos 10:55
Mutant Africa (feat. The ACC – original version) Timo Maas & Santos 10:55
Nice People Santos 7:02
No Ticket No Run Santos 8:22
No Ticket No Run Santos 6:46
No Ticket No Run (Krafty Kuts remix) Santos 3:10
No Ticket No Run (Krafty Kuts remix) Santos 5:40
No Ticket No Run (Original Mix) Santos 5:23
No Walls Alex Dolby & Santos 4:49
No Walls (Maher Daniel remix) Alex Dolby & Santos 4:04
Noizy Horn Santos 8:54
Noizy Horn Santos 6:40
Pray Santos 5:54
Pray Santos 5:22
Pray (DJ mix from “MoS: Ibiza Annual Summer 2001”) Santos 3:53
Pray (DJ-mix) Santos 5:24
Pump It Up Santos 4:22
Pump It Up! Santos 8:00
Pump It Up! (Timo Maas remix) Santos 8:55
Radio Berlino Santos 7:11
Sabot Santos 5:05
Sabot Santos 2:56
Sabot Santos 7:41
Sabot Santos 7:40
Sabot Santos 6:12
Sabot Santos ?:??
Sabot (Evil 9 mix) (edit) Santos 3:15
Sabot (Evil 9 remix) Santos 3:02
Sabot (Santos Vip remix) Santos 7:13
Sabot (Santos VIP remix) Santos 5:13
Sabot (The Very Original mix) (Santos DJ-Mix) Santos 3:55
San Francisco Santos ?:??
Senior Scream Santos 2:28

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