Kubus (Dutch hip hop)

~ Person


  • DE2004-12-09
Seehear RecordingsSHRCD064260020610665
[PIAS] Holland, Top Notch683.0404.020, TN 0403 CD5413356670929
Microphone ColossusKubus & SticksCD12
Top Notch
Learning CurveKubus & BangBangCD14
  • NL2007-02-05
Top NotchTN 0701CD5413356108729
Pie & MashKubus & BangBang2×CD16 + 15
  • NL2008-03-14
Top NotchTN0802CD5413356333725
Learning Curve RemixedKubus & BangBangDigital Media13
  • US2008-06-22
Learning Curve RemixedKubus & BangBangCD13
Top NotchTN0808CD
Blööm 5Kubus & Aardvarck12" Vinyl7
Bloom (label of Mike Kivits)Bloom 5
DMTKubus & RicoCD21
  • NL2011-09-02
Top NotchTN1115CD0602527800967
gLOOMAardvarck & Kubus12" Vinyl7
Eat ConcreteEAT022
GloomAardvarck & KubusDigital Media7
Eat ConcreteEAT-DIG-022
Microphone Colossus 2Kubus & SticksDigital Media10
  • XW2012-01-06
Top Notch[none]
Kick Snare SnickerKubusDigital Media16
  • XW2013-12-19
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
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