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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
My Mouth Oysterband 4:17
My Young Man Oysterband 3:41
Native Son Oysterband 4:40
Native Son Oysterband 4:30
Native Son Oysterband 4:46
Native Son Oysterband 4:04
Never Left Oysterband 3:49
Never Left (Alt. Version) Oysterband 3:17
New York Girls Oysterband 5:32
New York Girls Oysterband 3:02
New York Girls Oysterband 3:08
News of the Victory / The One-Horned Sheep Oyster Ceilidh Band 3:08
Night Comes In June Tabor & The Oyster Band 4:54
No Ordinary Girl Oysterband 3:22
No Reason to Cry Oysterband 4:48
Noah and the Raven Oysterband 3:19
North Star Oysterband 1:31
North Star Oysterband 1:37
Not Like Jordan Oysterband 3:56
Not Like Jordan Oysterband 4:37
Not the Fiery Clockface Oyster Band 3:34
Old Molly Oxford Oyster Band 1:33
On the Edge Oysterband 4:25
On the Edge Oysterband 3:33
Once I Had a Sweetheart Oysterband 4:28
One Green Hill Oysterband 3 3:15
One Green Hill Oysterband 3:15
One Green Hill Oysterband 3:12
One Green Hill (Chumbawamba mix) Oysterband 5:17
Only When You Call Oysterband 3:34
Our Lady of the Bottles Oysterband 3:08
Over the Water Oysterband 5:40
Oxford Girl Oysterband 4 4:11
Oyster River Hornpipe / Herne Bay Dance / The Curlyheaded Ploughboy Oyster Ceilidh Band ?:??
P's / J's Oyster Band 4:24
Pain or Paradise June Tabor & The Oyster Band 3:11
Palace of Memory Oysterband 3:42
Pigsty Billy Oysterband 3:34
Polish Plain Oysterband 4:05
Polish Plain Oysterband 3:54
Polish Plain Oysterband 3:52
Polkas: Scartaglen / Johnny Leary's / The Humours of Ballydesmond Oysterband 3:47
Put Out the Lights Oysterband 3:35
Put Out the Lights Oysterband 5:55
Put Out the Lights Oysterband feat. June Tabor & Chumbawamba 7:04
Put Out the Lights Oysterband 5:07
Rambling Irishman Oysterband 5 5:03
Red Barn Stomp Oysterband 4:52
Reels: McMahon's / The Sailor's Bonnet Oysterband 2:35
Rise Above Oysterband 3:43
Road to Nowhere Oysterband 3:27
Rufford Park / Bobbing Joe Oyster Band 6:38
Sail on By Oysterband 3:34
Sail On By Oysterband 4:06
Sail On By Oysterband 3:48
Scattergun Oysterband 1:32
Schottische D’Auvergne / Belle Rosinne Oyster Ceilidh Band ?:??
Seven Curses June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158511 3:34
She's Moved On Oysterband 3:30
She's Moved On (Demo) Oysterband 3:13
Ship Sets Sail Oysterband 3:29
Shouting About Jerusalem Oysterband 3:33
Shouting About Jerusalem Oysterband 3 3:15
Six Grey Men Oyster Band 3:42
Slippin’ And Slidin’ Oyster Band 2:47
Someone Somewhere Oysterband 4:31
Someone You Might Have Been Oysterband 4:06
Son David June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158503 3:54
Sons of Freedom Oyster Band 4:23
Spaghetti Junction / Dixie's / Stack Ryan's Oyster Band 3:56
Spirit of Dust Oysterband 4:40
St Peter’s Tea Gardens Oyster Band ?:??
Star of the County Down Oysterband 4:11
Steal Away Oysterband 4:39
Steal for Joy Oyster Band 5:19
Sticks And Stones Oysterband 3:31
Stonecutter Boy The Oyster Band 1:50
Strange Affair June Tabor & The Oyster Band 5:52
Street of Dreams Oysterband 4:46
Street of Dreams Oysterband 3:13
Street of Dreams (Single Edit) Oysterband ?:??
Susie Clelland June Tabor & The Oyster Band 5:13
Take Me Down Oysterband 3:49
Ten Thousand Miles / Hungarian March Oysterband & Eliza Carthy 5:42
That Was My Veil June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158502 2:56
The Belfast Almanac / Folkestone for the Day Oyster Band 3:15
The Bishop of Chester's Jig/The Peacock Follows the Hen Oysterband 5:07
The Blean Hoodening Song / The City Branle Oyster Ceilidh Band ?:??
The Boy's Still Running Oysterband 4:06
The Breaking of Our Lord's Birthday Oyster Band 2:18
The Cornish Farewell Shanty Oysterband, Eliza Carthy, June Tabor, Jim Moray, Brett Sparks, Rennie Sparks & Steve Knightley 2:43
The Cornish Farewell Shanty (Demo) Oysterband 1:59
The Cuckoo's Nest Oysterband & Jim Moray 5:28
The Curragh of Kildare Oysterband 3:30
The Dark End of the Street June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158512 2:51
The Day That Ship Goes Down Oysterband 4:30
The Deserter Oysterband 5:11
The Dockyard Gate Oyster Band 3:27
The Early Days of a Better Nation Oysterband 3:19
The Early Days of a Better Nation Oysterband 4:09

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