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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Farewell to the Crown Chumbawamba feat. The Oyster Band 2:57
Fiddle or a Gun Oysterband 4:08
Finisterre June Tabor & The Oyster Band 3:43
Flatlands Oysterband 5:45
Following in Father's Footsteps Oysterband 4:05
Fountains Flowing June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158509 3:53
Fountains Flowing (Live) Oysterband ?:??
Funny Time of Life Oysterband 3:41
Fuse Oysterband & Eliza Carthy 4:40
Gallop Hey The Oyster Band 3:12
Galopede Oysterband 3:04
Galopede Oysterband 3:06
Gamblers (We Do Not Do That Anymore) Oysterband 4:25
Gaol Song Oysterband 3:41
Go and Enlist Oyster Band 3:19
Gone West Oysterband 3:58
Gonna Do What I Have to Do Oysterband 3:18
Granite Years Oysterband 4:19
Granite Years Oysterband 4:19
Granite Years Oysterband featuring Celtas Cortos 4:20
Granite Years (live) Oysterband 6:24
Granite Years (Original album version) Oysterband 4:24
Granite Years (Remix) Oysterband 5 4:18
Granite Years (Remix / Single Edit) Oysterband 3:04
Hal-An-Tow Oysterband 5 4:25
Hal-An-Tow Oysterband 4:25
Hal-An-Tow Oysterband ?:??
Hallelujah Oysterband 3:00
Hangman Cry Oysterband 3:56
Heaven to Calcutta Oysterband 4:07
Here Comes the Flood Oysterband 3:56
Here Comes The Flood (radio version) Oysterband 3:48
Here's to You Oysterband 3:15
Here's to You (live) Oysterband 3:12
Holligrave / Wayfaring Stranger Oyster Band 5:22
Hunting the Hare / The Clog Oyster Ceilidh Band 3:22
I Built This House Oysterband 3:34
I Fought the Law Oysterband 4:08
I Fought the Law The Oyster Band 3:01
I Know It's Mine Oysterband 4:07
I Look for You Oysterband 4:22
I Look For You Oysterband 4:04
I Once Loved a Lass Oysterband 4:39
I Once Loved A Lass Oysterband 4:29
If My Love Loves Me June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158507 4:59
If You Can't Be Good Oysterband 3:50
If You Can't Be Good Oysterband 5:45
In Your Eyes Oysterband 4:16
Introduction Oysterband 0:46
Jack's Alive / The Clare Jig Oyster Band 3:18
Jail Song Two Oysterband 4:06
Jail Song Two (live) Oysterband 4:15
Jam Tomorrow Oysterband 4:10
Jam Tomorrow (Chumbawamba mix) Oysterband 5:27
John Barleycorn Oysterband, Steve Knightley & June Tabor 3:52
Johnny Mickey Barry's / Salmon Tails Down the Water Oysterband 5:39
Judas (Was a Red-Headed Man) June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158506 4:14
Jump Through the Fire Oysterband 3:40
Just One Life Oysterband 3:45
Kantele Oysterband 0:53
Kentish Cricketers / Galopede Oyster Band 3:48
La Morisque Oyster Band 6:18
Lay Your Dreams Down Gently Oysterband 3:35
Liberty Hall Oysterband 3:27
Liberty Hall Oyster Band 4:07
Like a Swimmer in the Ocean Oysterband 2:23
Limbo Oyster Ceilidh Band 2:56
Little Brother Oysterband 3:12
Little Brother Oysterband 3:32
Long Dark Street Oysterband 3:49
Long Dark Street (Alt. Version) Oysterband 3:58
Lost and Found Oysterband 4:25
Love Vigilantes Oysterband 4:06
Love Vigilantes Oysterband 3:59
Love Vigilantes Oysterband 5:06
Love Will Tear Us Apart Oysterband & June Tabor 3:43
Love Will Tear Us Apart June Tabor & Oysterband GBBHW1158504 3:30
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Remix) Oysterband ?:??
Lovers in a Dangerous Time Oysterband 2:53
Lowlands Oysterband & June Tabor 4:40
Lullaby of London June Tabor & The Oyster Band 2:43
Marche Due Fin Du Bal / The Committee Jig Oyster Ceilidh Band ?:??
Michael Turner's Waltz The Oyster Band 2:46
Milford Haven Oysterband 3:43
Milford Haven Oysterband 3:36
Mississippi Summer Oysterband 3:19
Mississippi Summer June Tabor/Oyster Band 3:18
Mississippi Summer Oysterband feat. June Tabor 4:15
Mississippi Summer June Tabor & Oysterband 4:04
Mississippi Summer (Alt. Version) Oysterband 4:29
Molly Bond Oysterband 4:33
Molly Bond Oysterband 4:31
Molly Bond Oysterband 4:46
Molly Bond Oysterband 5:08
Molly Bond Oysterband ?:??
Molly Bond Oysterband 4:39
Moving On Oysterband 3:45
Moving On Oysterband 3:54
Mrs Forster's / The First of May Oyster Band 4:11
My Dog (Knows Where the Bones Are Hid) Oysterband 3:06

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