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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Black Transgender Cripple Midgets on Nazi Unicorns 1:13
Bret Michaels Looks Like an Old Lesbian 1:34
Doom 1:24
First Class Ticket to a Semenstained Death in the Basement 0:25
Fuck Having a Life, I Got 80 Gigs of Porn on My Ipod! 0:55
God Is Dead but My Hair Is Perfect 1:12
Hollywood Holocaust 0:38
Intestinal Lasso Asphyxiation as Autoerotic Masturbation Enhancement 0:53
Japanese Multiple Tentacle Rape Fascination 0:35
Japanese Multiple Tentacle Rape Fasination ?:??
Los Angeles Pig Department 0:27
Mr. Splashy's Hour of Underage Entertainment 0:35
Puff-Puff 1:06
Right Hand on Mouse, Left on Cock 1:14
Sprinkle Some Crack on Him 0:43
The First Sixth Girl I Buried 0:30
The Mars Volta Sucks 1:17
Tonight You and Me Dine in Hell 0:44
Walking Through the Mall With Nothing but My Pedo Smile On 0:32
Wrap Me Up in Plastic Foil and Call Me Jeff 0:37
Your Mother and I Are Getting a Divorce, I Believe She's a Spiderbot 3000 in Disguise 1:12

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