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Date Title Artist Length
Alles Ist Mine (Fookness Interruptus) Pigface 4:34
Bitch (Own Your Own Edsel) Pigface 3:59
Blame and Demand (DJ? Acucrack) The Damage Manual 4:46
Blow You Away (Trentification mix) Pigface 5:05
Closer to Heaven (Acumen Sets the Controls for the Heart of the Sun) Pigface 6:17
Dogfight (Incisor mix) VooDou 5:41
Du Liebst Mich Nich, Ich Lieb' Dich Nicht (Deutschland Distortion mix) Pigface 6:13
Everything (Sex Farm club mix) Pigface 5:02
First Taken Third Found (UK Respect VIP mix) Pigface 5:39
Insect/Suspect (Suck a Loop Just for Funk) Pigface 4:31
King of Negativity (Clean Up Your Holes) Pigface 3:20
Klusterfuck Kulture (Space Viking remix) Cocksure 7:23
Mercury (remix) Voivod 5:50
Mind Your Own Business (The Taste Behind Me) Pigface 4:13
No Justice (Crack mix) Prong 4:30
Revelations Per Minute (Fun Blast mix) Acumen Nation 6:14
Saft und Kraft (Saft und Crack mix) KMFDM 5:48
Sweetmeat (Electroqueen Pheromones) Pigface 4:54
Whisper to a Scream (Lawsuits Are Fun version 1. 2) Acumen Nation 4:11