members: Gloria Agostini (Harp)
Ray Barretto
Patti Bown
Billy Byers
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter)
Kenny Clarke
Gary Coleman (US percussionist)
Eric Dixon
Curtis Fuller
René Hall
Jo Hrasko
Freddie Hubbard
Guy Pedersen
Henri Renaud
Grady Tate
Phil Woods
Eugene Young
original members: Quincy Jones
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
performing orchestra
1955-04-15 Come on Home Chuck Willis 3:03
1955-04-15 Search My Heart (early version) Chuck Willis 2:33
1955-04-21 I Can Tell Chuck Willis 2:56
1955-04-21 One More Break Chuck Willis 2:32
1955-04-21 Search My Heart Chuck Willis 2:20
1955-07-15 Ring-Ding-Doo Chuck Willis 2:32
1956-06 I’ll Close My Eyes Dinah Washington 3:59
1956-12-05 You’re Crying Dinah Washington 3:31
1958-01-20 Fine Fat Daddy Dinah Washington 3:05
1958 Blouse du dentiste Henri Salvador 3:28
1958 Trompette d’occasion Henri Salvador 2:41
1961-12-04 Teach Me Tonight (1961) Dinah Washington 2:46
1963 The good life Shirley Horn 3:13
1984-04-13 L.A. Is My Lady (original studio master) Frank Sinatra 3:13
1986-10-30 Mack the Knife (1986 original studio master) Frank Sinatra 4:53
Baubles, Bangles and Beads Sarah Vaughan 3:39
But Not for Me Dinah Washington 2:27
I Could Write a Book Sarah Vaughan 2:21
In Other Words Sarah Vaughan 2:54
Invitation Sarah Vaughan 2:16
Maria Sarah Vaughan 3:11
Moonglow Sarah Vaughan 2:28
On Green Dolphin Street Sarah Vaughan 3:01
Second Time Around Sarah Vaughan 3:40
So Long Sarah Vaughan 2:52
Sophisticated Lady Billy Eckstine 3:46
The Best Is Yet to Come Sarah Vaughan 2:59
The Best of Everything (original studio master) Frank Sinatra 2:49
Witchcraft Sarah Vaughan 2:55
You're Mine You Sarah Vaughan 3:59
Jazz in Paris: Vaughan and Violins Sarah Vaughan
L.A. Is My Lady Frank Sinatra
L.A. Is My Lady Frank Sinatra
1955-04-21 I Can Tell background vocals and choir vocals Chuck Willis 2:56
1955-04-21 Search My Heart background vocals and choir vocals Chuck Willis 2:20
1955-07-15 Ring-Ding-Doo background vocals and choir vocals Chuck Willis 2:32