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Touching the Father’s Heart #23: Before You NowVineyard Music1
Touching the Father’s Heart #12: Throne Of GraceVineyard Music1
Vineyard Student SamplerVineyard Music1


1988Vineyard Collection Volume OneVineyard Music1
1991Worship Songs of the Vineyard 2: You Are HereThe Vineyard2
1991Classical VineyardVineyard1
1992Psalms Volume 1Vineyard1
1992Vineyard Celebration: Praise to the Holy OneVineyard Music1
1993Psalms Volume 2Vineyard1
1994Touching the Father's Heart: The River is HereVineyard Music1
1995Acoustic Worship 2: EternityVineyard Music with Andy Park1
1995Acoustic Worship 1: Isn’t HeVineyard Music with Brian Doerksen1
1995Touching the Fathers Heart #24: Blessed Be the NameVineyard Music1
1996Lower Than AngelsVineyard Music1
1996Acoustic Worship 4: Spirit SongVineyard Music with John Wimber1
1996Touching the Father’s Heart #27: Holy Is the LordVineyard Music1
1996Touching The Fathers Heart #29: I Will Lift My HandsVineyard Music1
1997A Vineyard Café ChristmasVineyard Music1
1997Change My Heart Oh God For KidsVineyard Music1
1998Why We Worship 3: IntimacyVineyard Music1
1998Why We Worship 1: FatherVineyard Music1
1999Change My Heart Oh God Kids 2Vineyard Music1
1999Winds of Worship 15, Live from CanadaVineyard Music1
2000Doing the stuffVineyard Music1
2000I Want to Be Like JesusVineyard Music (Kids)1
2000Why We Worship 5: The CrossVineyard Music1
2001Fruit of the SpiritVineyard Music (Kids)1
2001Great Big GodVineyard UK (Kids)1
2001The MysteryVineyard Music1
2001Prayer: Expression Of WorshipVineyard Music1
2002BeautifulVineyard UK1
2003Great Big God 2: Tiny Little MeVineyard UK (Kids)1
2003One GlimpseVineyard Music NZ1
2003Freshwind 2003 - This Is LifeVineyard Music1
2003You And You AloneVineyard Music1
2004Hold OnVineyard UK1
2006Playlist: Sweetly BrokenVineyard Music1
2007Playlist: Stand in AweVineyard Music1
2011CreatorVineyard Music1
2015Waterfalls (Live from St Albans)Vineyard UK1
2021Vineyard Soul: The Chicago SessionsVineyard Worship & Vineyard Soul1
A Vineyard ChristmasVineyard Music1

Album + Compilation

1991Vineyard Collection (Volume 2)Vineyard1
1996Change My Heart Oh GodVineyard Music1
1996Songs of Renewal: 12 Songs Inspired By Renewal Around The WorldVineyard Music1
1996Vintage Vineyard: Refiner’s FireVineyard Music1
1997Change My Heart Oh God (Volume 2)Vineyard Music1
1997Touching the Father’s Heart: Devoted to You / Send Your SpiritVineyard Music Group1
1998More Love, More PowerVineyard Music1
1998The Very Best of Winds of Worship: Live from Around The WorldVineyard Music1
1999Revival: 10 Songs From England, Brownsville, Toronto and the WorldVineyard Music1
1999Change My Heart Oh God (Volume 3)Vineyard Music1
1999Light the Fire Again (Compilation)Vineyard Music1
2000The Best of Acoustic WorshipVineyard Music1
2000BelieveVineyard Music Canada1
2001We Welcome You (2001 Sampler)Vineyard Music1
200225 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Change My Heart Oh GodVineyard Music1
200225 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Draw Me CloseVineyard Music1
200225 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Refiner’s FireVineyard Music1
200225 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: The River Is HereVineyard Music1
2002Come Now Is the Time to Worship: 14 Modern Worship Classics (2002 compilation album)Vineyard Music1
200325 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Come Now Is the Time to WorshipVineyard Music1
2003Lord Reign in MeVineyard UK1
2004Shout to the EarthVineyard Music USA1
2007Top 25 Vineyard UK Praise & Worship SongsVineyard UK1

Album + Live

1989Touching the Father’s Heart #4: Holiness Unto the LordThe Vineyard1
1990Touching the Father’s Heart #6: Fire of GodThe Vineyard1
1991Touching the Father’s Heart #11: I Bow DownThe Vineyard1
1992Touching the Father’s Heart #13: Devoted to YouVineyard1
1993Touching the Father’s Heart #17: Glory and HonorVineyard Music1
1993Touching the Father’s Heart #15: Seek RighteousnessVineyard1
1994Winds of Worship 3: Live From Toronto, CanadaVineyard Music1
1994Winds of Worship 2: Live from AnaheimVineyard Music1
1995Winds of Worship 4: Live From Brighton EnglandVineyard UK1
1996Touching the Father’s Heart #18: Light the Fire AgainVineyard Music1
1996Winds of Worship 5: Live From Arnhem, HollandVineyard Music1
1996Winds of Worship 6: Live From Southern CaliforniaVineyard Music1
1996Touching the Father’s Heart #26: Faithful FatherVineyard Music1
1996Touching the Father’s Heart #25: For Your MercyVineyard Music1
1997Winds of Worship 8: Live From Langley, B.C. CanadaVineyard Music1
1997Touching the Father’s Heart #29: I Will Lift My HandsVineyard Music1
1997Touching the Father’s Heart #32: I Love Loving YouVineyard Music1
1997Vineyard Café #2: MercyVineyard1
1997Vineyard Café #1: ShelterVineyard1
1998Touching the Father’s Heart #34: You Shelter MeVineyard Music1
1998Winds of Worship 12: Live From LondonVineyard UK2
1998Touching the Father’s Heart #33: You Are In ControlVineyard Music1
1998Vineyard Café #4: FreedomVineyard1
1998Winds of Worship 11: Live From AustraliaVineyard Music1
1999Touching the Father’s Heart #35: I Love Your WaysVineyard1
1999Winds of Worship 13: Live From SeattleVineyard Music1
1999Touching the Father’s Heart #37: Your Love Reaches MeVineyard Music1
1999The Burn ServiceVineyard Music1
1999Hungry (Falling on My Knees)Vineyard UK4
2000SurrenderVineyard UK2
2000An Evening of Vineyard Worship: NashvilleVineyard Music1
2001I Love Your Presence (Live from the UK)Vineyard UK1
2001All I NeedVineyard Music Canada1
2001An Evening of Vineyard Worship: Columbus OhioVineyard Music1
2001Never Looking Back (Live Worship From a Burn Service_Vineyard Music1

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