Onirik (Portuguese black metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
After Centuries of Silence 6:04
Ascencion and Descent ?:??
Before The Heavens Fall 5:25
Behold! The Angel's Fled Onto Below! 6:01
Beyond The Grave 6:32
Black Paintings in The Sky 5:14
Blasphemy 6:07
Burden of a King 4:54
Casket Dream Veneration ?:??
Crimson Skies 4:30
Disputant by Enlightenment ?:??
Finally the Hordes Have Gathered 5:07
I Am Him but He's Not Me ?:??
Into the Night, Oh Benighted! 5:35
Invocation and Defiance ?:??
Kept Within All Life, in Death... 5:39
My Dark Ages 4:04
No Stars Will Shine 6:38
Oh Chants Make Hear My Splendor 5:08
Requiem for a Profane Liberation ?:??
Reverent to the Flames 6:00
The Curse 3:45
The Final War 5:20
The Hidden Realm 6:25
The Hunger of Hell 3:59
The Quest Of The Dark Lord 6:28
The Song of the Dead 3:44
Versos de Um Ritual ?:??

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