Raw Deal

~ Person


legal name: Jim Robins
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/8454 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Groove Sanctuary Various Artists
Groove Sanctuary Various Artists
The Organisation (feat. Raw Deal) Jadell ?:??
Weasenstein (Starring 'Raw Deal' As Dr. Snooberger) guest Chocolate Weasel 5:16
2002 Cosa Nostra (Raw Deal remix) additional Erlon Chaves 6:47
The In-Sense Song (Raw Deal mix) additional Courtney Pine 5:59
Woman (New Sector Movement 'Son of Scientist' remix) Urban Species ?:??
Headless Horseman Raw Deal
2002 Cosa Nostra (Raw Deal remix) Erlon Chaves 6:47
Domination (Raw Deal remix) Peace Orchestra 6:53
Fathorn (Raw Deal's Freedom Time mix) Tweak 2:49
Follow Me (Raw Deal remix) (part of “Private Lounge 2” DJ-mix) Xaver Fischer Trio 5:45
Kill Them All (The Killadilla mix) Berto Pisano 5:59
Left to Live For (Raw Deal remix) Jason Sparks 5:30
Ninna nanna in blu Ennio Morricone 5:11
Return of the Coconut (Raw Deal remix) Trio Elétrico 6:09
Simplemente así (Raw Deal mix) Painè 5:31
The In-Sense Song (Raw Deal mix) Courtney Pine 5:59
The New Avengers (Raw Deal mix) Snowboy 4:15
Wolf (Raw Deal mix) Shy FX 5:43